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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 10/21

October 22, 2015
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What is the biggest positive and negative you have seen in the preseason so far?
Well, let’s start, to me, with [the negative] items first…I think we still got a lot of work to do on attention to detail. And our precision, our timing, our intensity is not near where we need it to be, and where it can be, and should be.

And I thought Quin [Snyder] did a masterful job in talking last night to our team, and letting them know that we’re not at all satisfied, and nor should they be, and I kn–we have the character of players that aren’t satisfied either, and we need to keep stepping up our attention to detail, our attention to mentally coming in prepared, and the precision that we’re doing offensively, and also just watching the minor breakdowns that we’re having on defense.

And I really feel that our players have it in it, have it in them, to do better, to work together, and that’s the improvement that w–I really feel we need to have.

Now, having said that, what I am pleased with is, there is a sense of camaraderie and unity with our team, that they’re embracing the improvement.

They’re embracing the need that they know that, of the steps that need to be taken. They really believe in our coaching staff. They believe in Quin and our philosophy, and his commitment to them, his commitment to winning, and we can get better. And that we can better.

And so, I am pleased with that desire. So, we need to just continue to now work harder and be more focused to get to those levels. We saw what that level looks like with Oklahoma City last night, and we need to now emulate those same kind of characteristics.

Should it inspire confidence in the players that the Jazz brought the same team back?
In the post interviews at the end of the season, the analysis that, the front office, we all felt, is that and that’s w–we talked about these steps of bringing these young players together and adding pieces, and we felt very strong about the unity that we felt, the work ethic, the character that this team had, and we saw, you know, it, you know, to, it, kind of like a, it gives you, molding a piece of clay.

You’re seeing it, and you’re saying, is it coming together right? Is it feeling good? Does it, you know, you, kinda that feel test. And we felt that we really had a team and a core of talent, that with a continued effort and work, that it can continue to be the kind of, shape into the type of team and results that we wanted to have. And so, we feel that that’s where we were at the end of the season…

We now need to, though, continue to now look at digging inside — our players need to continue to now look inside themselve and take those steps, additional steps, up, in their intensity, and, both mentally and physically, and keep working on the attention to detail that Quin and our coaching staff continue to just drive into them, in practice. And we’ve gotta, we gotta see those additional steps. That’s, now, where we’re at with this team.

Can the Jazz reach Oklahoma City’s level with its role players (without a Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook)?
All the indications are that we, I feel we can, and see that we can. I’m, look at, you know, now. Are they going to look exactly like a Russell Westbrook? Are they going to look like a Kevin Durant? Maybe not. But look at the steps that we’ve had with Rudy Gobert.

Now, I’ll say this to Rudy, I mean, and I–we see this. Rudy’s had some remarkable improvements o–from year to year to year. One thing I’m encouraging all of us to do right now is we need to stop reading our own press clippings and we need to just focus on — you know, ’cause everyone’s saying we’re gonna be better [and Gobert]’s gonna be better. And Rudy has the potential. But we need — we’re not there. He’s not there. We as a team aren’t there, and we’re not gonna do it individually. We’re gonna do it collectively.

But having said that, we have players that continue to have the talent level that a–is not at all being reached at their top, at this point, in their careers. And we need them to continue to work at it, and I’m not gonna say individual players, but we continue to con–see more, and we’ve seen more steps from a Gordon Hayward, from a Rudy, from a Derrick Favors, from Trey Burke and Alec Burks.

But we need to continue to have, all of us as a team, continuing to push ourself to even higher levels. And I th–those talent levels aren’t, are even at a higher level than where they’re at right now. And that gives me hope that we have those potentials, just like a young, and I don’t wanna say this, as a young Kevin Durant, or Ru–or a young Russell Westbrook. But we still have talent that is still not being utilized. (1280)

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