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Quin Snyder’s State of the Utah Jazz Address

October 21, 2015
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The thing about our team is, we’ve got some good players, and we’ve got an opportunity to be a good team. But it’s not like anyth–anybody, or our team, has done anything.

We’ve played well at times. Our individual players have played well at times. But you’re looking at Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook: guys that, like, have a level that no one — we haven’t touched that.

So for us, it’s, you know, hey, look at what that is, and what those guys are doing, how hard they practice. You see them before the game, how hard they went? You know, those are hungry guys that are All-Stars. And you know, if we wanna get to that place — individually, collectively — that’s what you have to do. You have to say, look, that’s it.

And they’re, I think they appreciate the opportunity they have. You know, Kevin Durant was hurt for a year. You know, they lost in the NBA Finals. They know that level, and they looked unbelievably hungry. You know, they just came out, and came at it.

You know, and to me, that’s a team that has an appreciation for how difficult it is to win in this league. They know that you have to do e-very-thing, and sometimes that’s still not enough on a given night unless you get a little lucky.

We don’t understand that. Why would we? You know, we haven’t been in that situation. So, to play a team that’s on that level, to me, is, you know, that’s what you have to do, to get there. You have to experience it.

And you can talk about it all you want, until Kevin Durant comes down from 3 feet behind the line, and you go under on pick and roll and he drills a three. And you say, wow, no, that’s what he does. It’s what he does. So, it’s, that’s a credit to them.

And it’s not being down on our team, either. It’s just, it’s a realistic — you know, hey, I love our team. You know, like, we didn’t make a change. We got Alec [Burks] back. We re-signed [Trevor] Book[er]. We got, I mean, we got the same team we had last year. You know, if we didn’t feel that way about our team, we wouldn’t do that.

But that doesn’t mean that we’re a good team now. You know, we were a good team for about two months, you know, and we were a good team when other teams sometimes were resting a player. You know, the competition that we played was always formidable in the league, but we weren’t playing teams that were competing for the playoffs very often.

And, like, I’m not dampening any enthusiasm, but I am being realistic about who our group is. And that’s what our group needs. We need to be realistic about the level that’s out there, and if we wanna reach it, it’s a hard road.

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  1. bebop permalink
    October 21, 2015 7:29 pm


    It’s so nice to hear a coach speak candidly. Though the Corbin era was Hell, it seems like it was a necessary sacrifice in order to acquire Q.


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