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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

October 18, 2015

One. Raul Neto on getting acclimated to Salt Lake City: It’s been easy. I’m used to live alone just by myself in Spain for four years, so it’s been easy…I think English is still, yeah, is the most thing I have to improve now. I already have my home. I already have my car. I’m going dinner with teammates, so everything is good. Just, I think, English is the big thing now.

Is that a problem on the court?

I don’t think so. I can talk with everybody on the court. I think basketball always, it’s easier, I think it’s easier on the court than outside the court. So, and they understand me. They know that I’m not fluently in English, so they help me with everything.

Two. Rudy Gobert on his new offensive weapons: I’ve been working on [a teardrop shot] since last year, so I feel way co–way more confident on it. And I think it’s a great weapon for me when I go to the basket and I’m too far to dunk the ball, but basically too close to shoot the jump shot. It’s a great weapon. Yeah, I think I’m gonna use it.

And on his mid-range jumper: I just gotta shoot with confidence, you know? I think, when I shoot by myself, you know, I’m a very good shooter, so just, like, confidence and shoot in the game.

rudy gregIs it just me, or does Greg Miller look a little different these days?

Three. Quin Snyder on resting players in the preseason: We’ve kinda done that a little bit, as far as resting a couple gu–we’re, you know, we’re young. It’s, I don’t think, it’s, you know, going, we rested some guys for health reasons at the end of last year.

Right now, you know, we’re getting ready to start the season. So, I think you wanna be conscious of people’s physical condition, but we need to play. We need to see guys play, and they need to play hard.

Four. Snyder on Tom Thibodeau: He’s just a friend, that, you know, I’ve known and respected for a long time. You know, he and Dennis [Lindsey] were together at Houston. So, any time we can connect with people like that in the profession that are as good as he is, it’s a great opportunity…

There’s a lot of things he’s been good to me, in willing to share, and you know, I was happy that he could come out and take a look at some of the things [we] are doing, and give us some ideas and some thoughts and some coaching.

CRM8ggkUYAAZESqThibodeau with Jerry Sloan at the Portland game; via @lairddoman

Five. Snyder, asked if he’s surprised by how well things have been clicking for Alec Burks: Not really. I thought, you know, I didn’t think he defended real well [in the first game against Portland], but up to that point — I think the game kinda, the game dictated some of that too, because of the lineups that we were using. Everybody was in different situations. We started switching too much.

But he’s been really efficient. He’s been a, he’s a better decision-maker, in my mind, than he’s shown. You know, it’s just a question of him digging in, and focusing more on situations. Alec’s a smart player. You know, sometimes he plays so fast and he’s so dynamic, we kinda look at him and say, “He’s quick. He’s athletic.”

But he knows what reads to make, so it’s — and he tried to fool me when I first started, like he didn’t know what he was doing. I caught him, so he’s got no wiggle room anymore.

Six. Transactions:


Seven. Trey Burke on how well Rudy Gobert is handling the hype around him: As a young player, you know, you gotta be able to handle that. You know, he’s getting a lotta, you know, hype, obviously, and he deserves it. You know, but, you know, he has to continue to grow, continue to get better.

We’re on him every day about, you know, just being punctual, being precise on everything he does, and you know, he’s like our anchor down there on defense — him and [Derrick] Fav[ors]. So you know, he’ll continue to grow and get better.

Eight. Joe Ingles, quote machine:

sweater joe

** On skipping national team duties this summer: It sucks, to be honest…I did want to play, and thought about maybe giving them a call when I got home and then maybe playing, but it wasn’t the right thing to do. It was, these guys here had spoken about having the year off, and it was actually good [timing] with the Australian team.
** On being a sweater (pictured above): I’m a sweater, yeah. I sweat making dinner and going to the bathroom and everything.
** On Trey Lyles: He’s a great passer. Not as good as me, but he might be second on the team.
** On Raul Neto (and possibly revealing information on the starting lineup): Defensively, he’s been really good…His passing ability is pretty special when he’s out there with that starting group, and giving those other guys the ball, and just kind of playing his role.

Nine. Poll:

quin bracelet

Ten. And finallyUnintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Ingles on taking time off from the Australian national team: The staff there, they were very good in letting me have it off.
** Snyder on coming back from Hawaii: I just think it’s hard, you know, I mean, f–just to make — they’re aware of it. And, just, you know, it’s just like any job. You come to work some days, you’ve got more juice than others.
** Snyder on on-court communication: You know, it’s just, it’s kind of the lubricant. It’s the, you know, the connector. And so, it’s something we’re hitting all the time.
** Snyder on the open practice: I think it’ll also be good for us to do those things in front of people…I would think for some people, it might be interesting. S–for some, they’d rather see the guys go up and down…Everybody’s got different preferences.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    October 19, 2015 12:28 am

    With Quin we get new info each week. :)
    When I started hearing rumors about Thibs and Bulls management, I started dreaming of him being here. I love all the consultants we have now. :)
    Can’t stand that we lost Cooley to Cleveland :(


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