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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 10/9

October 11, 2015
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Is there any usefulness to Trevor Booker slapping Roy Hibbert upside the head, in terms of the example he was setting for the rest of the team?
“Usefulness.” Haha. I’m not sure I would necessarily describe it that way…

Look, a big part of this league is being able to compete at the very highest level, but yet still be able to handle adrenaline, testosterone, the crowd, the competition that doesn’t allow you to move where you want to move — all those things are factors inside of emotional control.

And so, to be competitively great but be emotionally controlled at all times is a tough balance, and it’s a lesson that our team has now learned, the importance of that balance.

There have been times in Alec Burks’ career where he wasn’t guarding all that intensely and he was trying to play hero ball. He seems reenergized and has looked good in the preseason. How much do his injury and Quin Snyder have to do with that?
Look, Alec, we forget he’s 24, and I think you can start there. He, when he came into the league, not only was he a sophomore coming out of college, but he was a sophomore that was a year younger than his classification.

So, I think if you put that into context — and certainly, Alex,* when he was a young player, was more apt to be engaged and focused with the ball in his hands, or defending the ball. Some of the away-from-the-ball action, he just didn’t have as much experience with. And you know, experience with certain things brings a certain value.

I think Quin’s been able to express that, and frankly, Alec has responded. And I do think being away from the game [when he was injured], being with the coaches, sitting with the coaches during practice, behind the bench, it allows you to have a perspective that you wouldn’t have otherwise, ’cause you’re so caught up into the competition and your minutes and your shots.

It gave Alec a different view, and I would add this as a serious layer of difference that I think we’ll move forward is, is while we managed his pain around his shoulder very effectively and it allowed him to play as long as possible, he, there were still certain positions that he was hitting that caused him pain, and it’s just natural for an athlete to avoid compromising positions that physically hurt you. So I think he’ll now have his head and his full athletic capabilities because his body feels better.

* People calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Dennis Lindsey

What are you learning about Raul Neto and Trey Lyles?
Yeah, quite a bit. I–th–I appreciate their early integration into the team, much, from much different perspectives. With Raul, he’s one that has been around a professional environment. He’s someone that, the nuances of the team, of his teammates, of what coaches want, he picks those things up very well…

With Trey, he’s quiet in nature and he’s somebody that is quietly absorbing his responsibilities. I think the good news with him, as the coaches have given us management feedback, is he picks up things very quickly, instinctually. The dribble-pass shot selection part of the game, he gets that. That’s easy for him.

That’s not the case with many 6-10 big men, and he has a quiet sense of humor. He, you can tell, his mom and dad, he comes from a really solid family background.* He’s just a real stable, emotionally stable young man, and I think we’ve already witnessed the early returns of that.

* People that also grew up in a two-parent home: Raul Neto

Has the message to Derrick Favors gotten through about helping the team by being more aggressive?
We really haven’t had to message much. I think with Derrick, there’s been a few things. He’s just, he’s still young and he’s maturing and everybody grows and mature at their own rate.

But I think it’s safe to say with what we’ve done the last few years, we’ve given him a large share of responsibility on both ends of the court for the team. We’ve honored him with a very big contract.

I just think he’s just really comfortable in his own skin, you know, on and off the court. And he just, he amazes me every day. He, even for a quiet man, he’s very perceptive. He’ll bring up really good points, and I think all of this wrapped up into one allows him to really harness all of his natural abilities.

And we’re just tickled with him, his commitment, his ability and want to play the four and the five without question. That, many times big guys will give you pushback on certain positions and roles, and Derrick, again, since he’s been with the program, has really just accepted and trusted with blind faith, and we really appreciate that and believe in him because of it.

As a married man, what advice would you give to a man whose wife has complaints about his body odor?
I’m staring at a big stick of Arrid Extra Dry…Just general hygiene. Don’t wear a t-shirt to dinner after you’ve worked out in it. (1280)

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  1. modernagejazz permalink
    October 11, 2015 7:21 pm

    All these public comments by the front office on the lines of “player x comes from a strong family background, 2 present parents” etc etc sound quite insensitive to unfortunate players who happen to have had more troubled family histories. I get the PR reason behind the comments this being Utah and all, but come on… Do they really need to keep making it publicly clear to players that were abandoned by their fathers or similar that the FO is suspicious of them for that reason?

  2. russellkanning permalink
    October 11, 2015 11:28 pm

    I have appreciated those guys. It is much harder to succeed being raised by just a mom or a grandma.

  3. Diana permalink
    October 12, 2015 7:51 am

    Yay for two parent homes!

  4. SuzieQ permalink
    October 12, 2015 2:28 pm

    If only the Jazz could draft players from three parent homes~


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