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Bits from the first week of training camp

October 4, 2015

** People calling Raul Neto “Wolfie” and “Wolf” (ostensibly because “Raul” sounds like “Howl”): Gordon Hayward

** Trey Burke on what he’s seen from Raul Neto and their relationship
Well, you know, he’s been playing well. You know, he can pass it really well. You know, he’s quiet, so you know, guys like that, you know, your relationship, you know, it comes along. You know, you don’t force anything. You know, but me, I’ve always been a good teammate. You know, he seems like he’d be a good teammate as well. So you know, we’re all, we all bring, you know, the new faces in and make them feel comfortable so everything could be good.

** Derrick Favors on if he feels like the team will be able to pick up defensively where it left off last season
No, we still got a lot of work to do. You know, [Quin Snyder] put in a new defensive, a lit–kinda tweaking the defensive system a little bit. You know, plus we got new players. So, we still got a lot of work to do before we can get back to how we was the second half of the year last year.
What kind of tweaks?
Just different, you know, different communications. Different places where people should be. Just a lot of different stuff.

** Favors on this season
I’ve been in the league six years. I’ve been working on my game, improving every year, and this is the year that I want to come out and really dominate.

** Favors on Jeff Withey
Jeff’s kinda surprised me…I didn’t know he could shoot the ball that well like he’s shooting in the drills, and you know, he got pretty good coordination in the post. Pretty good passer. So you know, he’s impressed me a lot.

** Favors on Quin Snyder
I think he a lot more relaxed this year. I think for, last year by that being his first year, he was kinda, little uptight a little bit, trying to get his point across. But I think this year, he’s more relaxed, more having fun. He used to everybody, we used to him, so I mean, this is, it’s fun.

** Tibor Pleiss on Raul Neto
We always played against each other the last three years in Spain, and he’s a great guy, and I hang out with him sometimes. Go for dinner. Yeah, it’s great to have him here…Europeans together.

The new bromance of the Utah Jazz; via @utahjazz

** Pleiss on working with Alex Jensen on the German national team
I teached him some bad words [in German]. Don’t ask about it, please.
Did Alex teach you any bad words [in English]?
No. I knew them already.

** Quin Snyder on Derrick Favors playing the stretch four
I don’t know that I would use the word “stretch four” because that, it implies more of a, in my mind at least, a three — I like the idea of him being able to be more, a better playmaking four, where he’s, his ball skills are better. His passing, his ballhandling. And what that means is he’s probably gonna be more aggressive offensively out on the floor. And obviously, you know, he’s worked hard on his shooting, and I think, you know, there’s, it’s interesting, sometimes guys that don’t have 3-point range is, they’re not as consistent. You know, they’re constantly wanting to back up…So, I’m not concerned about Pa–Fav being, you know, a 3-point guy, a stretch where — I just, I want him to be consistent and aggressive, you know, when he’s in his range.

** Snyder on Kevin Pelton’s claim that Elijah Millsap has lost the trust of the coaching staff and is a long shot to make the roster
It’s totally false. Elijah’s played really well…I talked to Elijah, like, once a week all summer…That’s [Pelton’s] opinion. I’m not even gonna, I don’t even know what to — like, ask Elijah how he feels about me.

** Snyder on Derrick Favors
Derrick’s prosti–practiced maybe harder than anyone. I mean, he’s given so much effort and he’s been so precise. There’s clearly a level of concentration that he’s had.

** Snyder on whether the Hawaii trip will be strictly business
I want our guys to, you know, to enjoy s–aspects of the trip, and I think some of it can help us as a team too. You know, I’m not saying Gordon and Fav have to go for a long swim together, you know, to bond, but you know, I would like to see Alec, you know, like, hula.

** Gordon Hayward on Colin Cowherd
He basically was saying that, you know, professional e-sports guys, professional gamers, are all dorks and nerds. So I posted a picture of him looking like a big dork, so…He kinda backed down. He didn’t say anything on Twitter either, so.

pleiss pursevia @tibor_pleiss

** Trey Lyles on his rookie backpack
Yeah, I got a purse too. Mine had a dog in it, though. So, I was hoping for a backpack, but it’s all good…Yeah, I got a little purse.

** Lyles on his NBA Live picture
Yeah, I saw it. I was flattered, actually. Nah, it was terrible. You know, I was like, wow. I’m not bald and I’m not 40 years old, so. But it’s all right. They’ll fix it.

via @LilJoeBHall

** Alec Burks on playing his first game since December
I don’t get nervous. I haven’t been nervous since fifth grade. Tsh.

via @rudygobert27

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    October 5, 2015 11:56 am

    Favs did look good in the opener


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