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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 9/30

October 1, 2015
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Both Quin Snyder and Dennis Lindsey have compared the Jazz to a running team in football, with a defensive front line that makes it somewhat of an anomaly in the NBA. Would you agree with that assessment?
Yeah, I would. I, you know, I really feel that the team is, and, what I’m, I think this team as well, is a team that can run well, but also play well together, and really be a team that is not gonna beat you individually, but it’s gonna beat you collectively.

And as I’m watching us play, I’m very impressed by the efforts of — Quin has done a masterful job of really building an offense, that maximizes the talents of the team collectively and not individually.

With the different options that can come out of there, with our offense, I, we’re making some adjustments that really — Quin is focusing on more offensive efficiency for us this coming year, and continued improvement that we showed that we had defensively.

And the players have bought into that, and I think if we can continue to step up our game, I really feel like, you know, you talked about this running at teams, I think we can run at them and com–at them both offensively and defensively, that’s gonna make us continue to be better.

Can you see the Jazz playing with a point guard-less lineup this year?
Well, I know that Quin came over to me last week and we were both commenting and looking at the improvements that we’ve seen from Alec Burks, and him continuing to be a year older, and going through what he went through with his injury, and coming out, strong as he is.

And watching, also, Rodney Hood, and both commenting, hey, I think there’s gonna be times that we see them both on the floor together. And I could see that happening.

So I think based on lineups that we see in the NBA, if there’s a taller guard lineup, I think we could very easily see Alec and Rodney on the floor together. I think if there’s a sma–those smaller lineups, there may be times that we see our smaller guards out there as well.

Tibor Pleiss is very tall. What are the possibilities for him?
Well, you, to take Tibor, I mean, right on the bubble of making this team as well is Jeff Witty,* and the, I mean, you’ve got some tall timber there between, well, now you’re looking at Rudy, Tibor, and you know, Jeff Witty.*

There’s some impressive heights there, and I’ve been very impressed with Tibor as he’s come into the season. We’ve gotta continue to get him stronger, and I’ll tell you. Rudy has done that very thing. I’ve been very impressed with the conditioning that he’s added.

Rudy has added 2 inches to his reach because he’s added 2 inches of stren–of definition to his upper body, and his shoulders, and it’s given him, actually, 2 more inches of hi–of reach because of that. So, that’s what really conditioning and strengthening your body can do for these players.

So, we’re, I’m excited about what that can mean. I’m excited what it can mean for us o–both on the offensive glass as well as on the defensive, of presence, and shot-blocking, for this team.

* Is this how “Withey” is pronounced? *shrug*

The NBA announced changes to its replay rules today. Will there be any more rule changes this year?
No, I think we just experienced, that’s gonna be the last change that we’ll see coming into this season, and that we’ll have during the season. Traditionally, we’ve tried to vote on those things even much sooner than, as we have this one, within literally, the last week we did that, the vote on that one.

That’s gonna be a good move, though, I think. It’s really going to, we are very much in favor of it. It’s gonna help speed up the game. Tho–with the new cameras that we have in place, with that central control that we have with the NBA, they can immediately look at those and determine those calls much quicker than waiting for the officials to come over, bring the TV up, and have the T–the officials on site make those calls.

So, I, we really feel that’s good for our fans, to speed up the play, but make, get the accurate call so that the game is being accurately assessed on what’s truly happened there. So, we’re very much in favor of it, but I don’t think, we will not see any other moves.

If we do, I’ll be shocked. Traditionally, that’s, at this point, we’re now ready to now get them in play and make sure that we then can get the officials and the coaches and players knowing exactly what the rules are going into the season. (1280)

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