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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines

September 30, 2015


** David Locke on Rudy Gobert (pictured above): Do I have something looming behind me?

** Locke to Bryce Cotton: Do you feel different today coming into this than you did a year ago?

** Locke to Cotton: There are times when being 6 inches shorter than somebody else hurts you. (H/T @5kl)

**Media to Elijah Millsap: Do you think that you’ll feel comfortable if coach [Quin] Snyder wants to use you in a bigger variety of ways?

** Millsap on keeping the NBA dream alive: I always just looked at the adversity and just tell myself, you know, if I just get up one more time, you know, no matter what happens, you never know how close it can be.

** Locke to Millsap: Two visuals that jumped into my mind. One was in Chicago…You got in on Derrick, I think, Derrick Rose, in kind of a level that was, “I don’t give a crap who you are.” And then the other was [Kevin] Durant, that you got in on. What is their reaction when you’re into them in a way that maybe no other players in the NBA would?

** Ron Boone on defense: All you can do there is just make it hard for them.

** Joe Ingles on being the team’s go-to inbounder: I think some people get a bit more nervous than I do in that kind of situation, and it’s one of those things that you have to get it in.

** Ingles on Dante Exum: I think his mom actually got me printed out on his bedspread, so you know, he actually slept on top — uh…

** Media to Tibor Pleiss: How, like, your size. Where does it come from?

** Locke on himself talking: Derrick [Favors] is heading over this direction, so I probably won’t finish.

** Locke to Gordon Hayward: You got big again.

** Locke to Alec Burks on his rim and 3-point shooting percentage: Put that together in an Alec Burks stew, and I’ve got a big-time stud going on.

** Locke to Burks: I’ve got a deep one for you. (H/T @5kl)

** Locke to Trevor Booker on his broken nose and mask: Do the kids go and bang you in the face to see if it hurts?

** Booker on the integration of playing with the ball in his hands into his game: Slowly. I’m not gonna try to, you know, just jump right into it. You gotta slowly get there, you know? I mean, I am getting up there in age, so I can’t take too much time, but you know, I’m working my way in.

** Boone to Dennis Lindsey: You got 20 guys in camp. Obviously, you wanted to plug the holes.

** Lindsey, responding to Boone: Yes, sir. So, some of the holes, I think, will be plugged with players that are returning, most notably Alec Burks…Some of the holes will be plugged with the players that we had last year. Like, you could, with what Gordon and Derrick are working on in particular, I could see their roles expanding even more. Certainly, Rudy’s unique development, there’s gonna be some things that we wanna capitalize, with his size and length and presence. But with the newcomers, specifically we like Raul [Neto]’s head and imagination…And Tibor is big, right? He’s really big, and he’s really youn–long…We pinch ourselves and count our blessings every day that we have two 7-foot-plus guys with these extraordinary dimensions.

** Lindsey on offensive rebounding: Bigs gotta come over and help. They get off Rudy and Derrick and Trevor’s body. Then they can go in and clean it up.

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