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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Trevor Booker, Trey Burke, Alec Burks and Rodney Hood

September 30, 2015


Why is this team the right fit for you?
It’s a team that believes in me. You know, everybody has their right fit in the NBA. You know, it’s a great organization. The city is great; family-oriented. It’s great for my family. It’s just a perfect fit for me.

What were your thoughts watching Draymond Green play in the Finals?
My honest thought? That could be me. You know, he’s a good player. He’s very diverse. He can, you know, guard multiple positions. He can shoot the 3-ball, which is something I’m trying to do. He rebounds the ball. And he got paid. A lot.

There’s only one area where he’s statistically significantly superior to you. Do you know what it is?


Assists. Would you be able to get assists in the same way?

If I was given the opportunity, I think so. You know, Steph Curry, you know, he doesn’t need much time to shoot the ball, so if you pass it to him with somebody in his face, that might be an assist right there. Klay Thompson the same way. So, he’s a pretty lucky guy.

Who is your favorite superhero?
I like the Hulk, ’cause he smashes everything.


How are you approaching the new season?
I’m approaching it mus–much more serious now. You know, I’m starting to, you know, feel more like a professional now. You know, I think when I came in, you know, I felt like, you know, I could just, you know, play basketball like I always played basketball. You know, but now I’m learning the ins and outs — or not learning; I’ve learned the ins and outs.

You know, eating right, s–it’s funny because I’m getting to bed, like, around 11, 11:30 now, and I’ve never, ever done that. But I feel so much better in the morning. Like to–like right now, I have so much energy. It’s incredible. So I think those little things go a long way, especially in a 82-game season. You know, they play a big part, you know, in how you play and you know, how your body holds up.

On staying professional when he’s been asked to change roles
For me, I wanted to, you know, be the guy who, you know, had the energy still, you know, even when coach axed me, you know, to come off the bench.

You know, I still wanted to, you know, be that guy who was like a leader, who was like a, you know, a strong piece for the team rather than, you know, the team looking at me as, you know, well, he’s a selfish guy because, you know, we could tell he’s mad he’s not starting. You know, and that’s just how I wanted to handle myself. And coach, you know, thanked me for that, you know, for handling myself that way. …

The way I was raised, I was already naturally able to handle, you know, being axed that. But it was me as well. It was the things that I was doing off the court holding me back as well. And then I, you know, I just had to sit back and realize, or sit back and make decisions on, you know, what type of player I wanted to be and then ask myself what sacrifices do I want to make.

And you know, a lot of those things had to be, like, food. Had to be, you know, certain activities. You know, certain, you know, just all type of things…Just the small things, and the ins and outs of the NBA game.

Do you go into training camp expecting to start at point guard?
I’m not going to go into it just know–thinking that I’m gonna start at point guard. You know, I know it’s a battle, you know, a competition, so that’s how Imma go into it. You know, but I’m a competitor, so you know, that’s just, you know, second nature to me and you know, I look forward to, you know, competing, you know, with the team tomorrow — or going into training camp practicing with the team.

And then when we get to competing, look forward to competing, you know, with the team. You know, not just competing, you know, with Raul [Neto] or Bryce [Cotton], but you know, competing, you know, with whoever’s on the other team, you know, in training camp.

Is there any way to remedy the shooting lapses you had last year?
I think some of that comes with, you know, sometimes last year — I felt like I lost confidence a little bit last year. You know, I think now where I am, you know, I know you can’t lose confidence in this league. You know, you can’t allow that to affect you — or one night to affect you at all…

Preparation is something that I’m, you know, getting much better at right now. So I think that’s the biggest thing, is just making sure I’m getting my reps in before and after practice, and you know, just going from there.


On playing for Quin Snyder
He’s honest and real with you, you know? You gotta, you can take that or not, you know, and I respect that for him, ’cause, you know, he’s a great guy, you know, on and off the court.

Does it matter to you whether you start or Rodney Hood starts?
You know, at the end of the day, you know, everybody wanna be a starter, you know, that comes in this league. But you know, it’s up to coach Q. You know, we all gon fight hard. Me, Rodney, Gordon [Hayward], Elijah [Millsap], all the wings. Joe [Ingles]. We all gon fight hard no matter who start, who finish, all that. You know, we gon play hard ’til the game’s over.

On his shoulder
I got hit on the first day by my, by Trey [Burke? Lyles? Graham?]. You know, he hit me. It was in Santa Barbara, and I thought it was over. But you know, I bounced back up. The shoulder’s good. So, that showed me I was good…It was more mental thing than physical thing at that time.

Where are you now compared to where you were before the surgery?
I think I’m better than I was, you know, [before] the injury ’cause you know, I couldn’t lift my shoulder…I couldn’t lift my left arm, so I feel like I’m…a better player, you know, better person, you know, from the injury. So you know, I can’t wait to gel back with my teammates.

Who is your favorite superhero?
Man, I ain’t really into that.

** Was cleared for contact two weeks ago


What did you work on this summer?
Right now, I feel 100 percent healthy. You know, ready to get going. This summer, I add a lot to my game. You know, I got, I’m handling the ball better. It’s some little things in my shot that I kinda tweaked a little bit to make it more, not necessarily [more] consistent, but more fluid shot.

And then, you know, just working on pick-and-roll passing. Just my overall game. I even added a little bit of post game and you know, it’ll progress throughout the season.

On competing with Alec Burks for minutes
I mean, I think it’s enough minutes for everybody. You know, and it’s just, you just competing against each other, it’ll make each other better…When I was playing and Alec was hurt, you know, he was helping me along the whole time, and giving me confidence and the same thing vice versa.

You know, I, and it’s a good problem to have. The better I am, the better he is, the better Gordon [Hayward] — whoever, you know, the better the Jazz are. So it’s, I like it, you know, to be honest.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    October 1, 2015 7:53 am

    Trey lost confidence last year? ….. so was he just chuckin those shots up?

    Thanks for all the interviews. I like these guys.


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