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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Quin Snyder

September 30, 2015


On his snazzy suit
A little Euro look.

What one aspect of the game did you think the most about this off-season?
Switching defenses. It’s become very–tea–because teams are starting to play more and more small, they’re capable of switching one through four. People don’t really switch with their five. But you see it — we do it some with [Derrick] Fav[ors], because even though he’s big, he’s so long and he’s, you know, he’s athletic and quick.

But we don’t have a team offensively that just spaces the floor and attacks. We’re motion, actions, movement, screening. So I think there’s some things that we’ve thought about to try to help us attack that.

The other thing, frankly, is just defensively, what along this process of putting a recipe together, you know, trying to be very acutely aware of how much of which thing, and where the emphasis lie, because the process of building a defense, you know, y–it’s not like you start over. But where is the emphasis and where is it most important? …

It’s a little bit, like, you know, a recipe where you’re, you know, you’re cooking and you’re not writing everything down, but you write as much as you can down along the way.

And we watch film. And you start seeing what your guys are doing, and you go back to the communication system. And I think the most important thing is just the general emphasis on the identity and taking pride in being a team that does play that way. And then within that, our players gotta embrace the habits.

It’s different — it’s a little different for everybody. Rodney Hood is unbelievable off the ball. You know, our point guards this year need to be better on the ball, to f–have that be a little bit more of a weapon.

So, there’s a lot of things that — but we’ll try to be systematic in how we approach it so that it’s clear. It’s w–it’s not habitual yet…It’s still new, so we gotta make sure that we stay committed to it, and we keep working on it.

What are this year’s catchphrases?
Disruptive. You know, disciplined disruption. I think I’d like to see that for our team defensively.

You know, offensively, it’s more complicated, but I think force. I’d like to see more aggression towards the basket, whether it be cutting, driving the ball — you know, but that, the forcefulness of our team with which, the way we play offense, even if it’s in the half court, I think that will help us not make as many mistakes on offense.

Saying “don’t turn it over” sometimes isn’t enough…No one wants to turn the ball over, so you try to figure out, you know, how can we play that will help us be more efficient and not do that. And I think force is a big part of it. I think screening, cutting, kinda old-school-grind-it-out, it’s who we are.

On his coaching staff
I think we really saw an impact this summer, where we, you know, we invested as an organization in a couple additional people. Jeff Watkinson, who’s an assistant coach, worked a lot with Johnnie Bryant this summer in integrating our entire player development program. And it was very well done, very well organized, very efficient. Planned, but not over-planned, where I think the players were working on the right things, and they’ve embraced it.

Igor Kokoskov — and Alex Jensen, as well — but Igor coached the Georgian national team this summer…We’ve got some good people. The guys that are already here are very good, and have gotten to know me. I’ve gotten to know them, so I think there’s a real synergy on our staff…

You know, the command that some of the assistants have for our defense is, helps me, the level of teaching that they’re capable of doing.

How’s the hip?
Could be better.

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