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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Dennis Lindsey

September 30, 2015


On his body
I was tipping the scales way too much, way too high at the end of last year…I’ve dropped about 20 [pounds] here. I’ve moved — back to football vernacular, I’ve moved from an inside linebacker to an outside linebacker. I’m moving towards a strong safety. I don’t think I’ll ever get back to a cornerback.

On Tibor Pleiss’ body
He’s 25, but really if you look at his body, it’s more 21, 22.

On Derrick Favors’ body
Derrick’s body is, you know, literally, he’s been touched by the hand of God, with his physical dimensions.

On the Jazz’s point guard rotation
We have three young point guards. Four, but Dante [Exum]’s out. The production has to get better, but Trey [Burke]’s 22 and has significant experience in the league. P3, Mark McKown has named him our most improved player in the off-season. Not only is he more athletic, he’s a safer athlete…

Bryce Cotton has very unique speed and explosive scoring ability that we hope to capitalize on…He was here all summer.

Raul Neto, again, is heady. He’s strong. He’s very good laterally. He plays with very good imagination. First thing that he said to me in summer league when he was watching Rodney Hood play, he’s like, “Hey Dennis, I can get him the ball in areas that he can really score.” And that’s a little bit different mentality than Trey has. And certainly, Bryce is more of a scoring option. So to have that mindset, all very complementary…

We have $7 million under the cap. We’ve built up an asset base. If the point guard position or frankly any of the other positions can’t handle — if the internal improvement isn’t fast enough relative to the team, then we’ll go look outside. But we think that’s premature at this stage.

Does Rudy Gobert need to be bigger to reach his potential?
I think everybody has their natural physique, and with athletes, they’re, literally, they’re race cars. Their bodies are finely tuned…You want to optimize athleticism, right? That’s a big poin–part of what you do, but by and large, these guys are the best of the best.

If we did nothing else and we just made our guys safer, safer athletes when they land and stop, I think that’s a huge win because this, the league is not about winning any one game. It’s about being the last team standing. …

There’s a natural design that not only optimizes [Gobert’s] movement and his strength, but his safety, and we have to think about that.

So, there’re many things that, components of being a center in the NBA. Not only do you want to be a shot-blocker…but you want to create a physical perimeter around the rim. So, that strength factor, I think we can continue to help Rudy and Tibor [Pleiss] on, moving forward. And, but does that necessarily mean we have to bulk him up? Absolutely not…

The Spurs clearly have looked at what they wanted to do relative to perenially being a contender and being the last team standing concept, instead of winning any one game. And you’ve seen how they’ve managed Tim Duncan. Tim, in many ways, probably should’ve been done years ago.

And again, really, Coach [Jerry] Sloan started it all. I’m sure there was, without reading about it, a bunch of angst about “You’re taking John [Stockton] out when? You know, right when we’re rolling?” And “Hey, can you extend him a little bit?” And, but Coach had a bigger vision in mind.

Now, I’m not sure Coach knew that [Stockton] was gonna get to 41, 42 years old and be in, still playing at 90 percent of his highest peak value, but really, in many ways, Coach Sloan ushered in the management of players with how he treated John and Karl [Malone].

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