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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Treveon Graham, Grant Jerrett, J.J. O’Brien and Jeff Withey

September 29, 2015


What can fans expect from you?
Just working hard, and whatever the team needs from me, that’s what Imma do. I’ve, over the years, I’ve become more of a defensive player, along with scoring. So, just being a really hard worker, and whatever the team needs from me, I’ll do.

Which NBA player do you model your defensive game after?
In college, I would say Paul Pierce, just how, the way he plays. He plays hard every game, but he’s more of a offensive player. But also, like, how Klay Thompson, he uses, he plays great defense, and he’s probably not known for his defense as much, but I see how hard he works on defense.

** Is an only child, but has a godbrother


* Jerrett was the only player that was not interviewed by Ron Boone and David Locke.

How was the injury recovery process from your torn labrum? When will you return to the court?
It was boring, but that’s part of it. It’s feeling really well. Honestly, I don’t know what the time-process or the timing will be to get back on the court. So, just take it day by day.

Will you be able to play in the preseason?
I have no clue. I mean, it feels fine, but it’s not really my call right now.

Do you have any odd pregame rituals or lucky charms?
I don’t have anything crazy. Nothing crazy.


What is the one aspect of your game that you’d say you’ve mastered?
I think just being able to be versatile. Guarding multiple positions and playing multiple positions on offense. Offense, defense. You know, in college I played the four and I played the point guard as well. I mean, that’s what I’ve done my whole life. I’ve guarded at point guard and I’ve guarded at center, so I think just being versatile is something that I’ve mastered.

What do you need to do to make the roster?
I think continuing to show my versatality* on offense and defense. Continuing to show the fact that I have a high basketball IQ. And show that I’ve improved my shooting a lot, and that I can knock down a NBA three, a corner three. I think those are the main things. Just versatality* and shooting.

* Not typos.

What is your next step if you don’t make the team?
I think we’d go down to the D-League probably, work our way up. Just get better, and you know, wait for the next opportunity.


On guarding the block
I would say that’s definitely what I hold my hat on, is defense. Shot-blocking, especially. That’s what I like to do. I think that fits very well with this team, being a great defensive team last year and finishing in the league on the top. You know, with Rudy [Gobert] and me and some other guys down low, I think that we have a chance to really shut down the paint.

And you know, I look re–I look forward to it because, you know, I feel like this is just such a good fit for me. But yeah, that’s what I love to do, is block shots. Love to run the floor, get easy baskets, pick and roll. I’ve been working on my 15-foot jump shot, feel really confident with that. But yeah, just trying to keep on getting better and better.

On getting his chance in Utah
You know, New Orleans last year was a crazy team, or crazy year, just because, you know, the, we had some injuries, but at the same time we were fighting for that playoff spot, and y–coach didn’t really hit the rotation ’cause he was so worried about that playoff spot. So, a couple guys didn’t get, you know, a chance, and I was one of those guys. And so, you know, this year I definitely feel like I have a chance and I can show what I can do.

Do you have any odd pregame rituals or lucky charms?
No, nothing, you know, snack or food or anything like that that gets me going. So, no.

** Loves the beach and being outdoors. Is a “really chill guy,” just likes to hang out, go outside, and enjoy the weather. Is “pretty close” with Chase Budinger, though not close enough to say “Budinger” correctly
** Being from California, he experienced bad culture shock being landlocked at the University of Kansas

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