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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Joe Ingles, Trey Lyles, Raul Neto and Tibor Pleiss

September 29, 2015


What do you think of the nickname “Slo-Mo Joe”?
It is what it is. It doesn’t bother me. I feel like I’m pretty smart, so I’ll get around the slowness.

What’s this season going to be like, being married?
Probably not much different. I might have to remember to take my win–ring and put it back on after the game…She’ll get to cook and clean a bit more, maybe. Shit, hopefully she doesn’t listen to this.*

* Or “She, hopefully she doesn’t listen to this” if you prefer.

On the Jazz’s collective Twitter game
We figure that — well, I don’t even have half the guys’ numbers, so it’s just easier to tweet them. Yeah, no, we just, I think we’re just a good bunch of guys. We have a g–we obviously have a lot of fun together.

You changed your body a little bit. You look different. What’d you do?
I got a haircut. Waxed my chest…Well, I had the first year off the national team for eight years or something…and then it was the first time since I was 17 that I actually got to spend the off-season working on my own game and my own body…

So, I got to spend, I think, it was three or four months living at home, s–living with my now-wife, and had a very good diet that she was cooking, and a regular training routine that I never really got to be in for that period of time. And I think for me, the biggest thing was having that routine. So, now that I’ve got it, I know what to do and I’ll stay where I’m at.


On his adjustment to the NBA game
I just think the biggest adjustment for me is just, you know, adjusting to the strength part. You know, playing in college, you’re going up against guys that are 22, 23, and now you’re in the NBA playing against 32-year-old grown men. You know, it’s a big difference there. So, you know, just like everything else it’s gonna be an adjustment, and hopefully I’ll be able to make that adjustment quickly.

On his impressions of Quin Snyder
He’s very hands-on. He’s very energetic about everything that he does with us, and you know, he wants us to be successful of course. He wants the playoffs, of course. Everybody does. And you know, he just, from what I can see, he demands a lot from us. But he realizes that, you know, we’re a young team, but he doesn’t hold that against us, I guess? And he just wants us to be as good as we can be.


On criticism about his shot
I’m used to that. I had a lot of them in Spain last year. I, actually, I didn’t have a really good percentage of 3-point shots, but I’m work on that. I know that if I want to play on NBA, I gotta be better on that. And I’m doing every day my best, and shooting, try and shooting more than everyone, and, to get better on that. I know that I’m gonna improve that, and I have to improve that to be a good NBA player.

How well are you adjusting to Quin Snyder’s system?
I think the biggest change for me is the physical players that we have in the NBA. I think they’re, like, so strong. They’re faster. They are — I mean, in Spain I was one of the most, of the best, like, physical point guards in the league, and here I’m just one more. And I think that is gonna be the hardest thing to get used to. But I think all my teammates and everybody’s gonna help me with that, and I will be good.

** Joe Ingles, while Neto is doing his interview: Do you guys need me to translate?
Neto: He always say, “You don’t speak English.” I say, “You neither.”
** Neto, displaying his high basketball IQ (and EQ):
–David Locke: Your favorite player growing up was?
–Neto: My dad?
–Locke: No, who’s your favorite NBA player?
–Neto: Oh, John Stockton?
–Locke: No, I thought you told me it was Kobe.
–Neto: I don’t know, I have so many, I just don’t remember.


On transitioning to the NBA
My goal and my dream was always to come to the best league to play against ands to play with the best players around the world. And that’s why I’m happy to be here, because now I can improve. I he–for sure I will be a better player over the next few years, ands that’s what I want, you know? I want to find my limits.

Describe your game.
I’m a, I play on the center position. I’m, for my tallness — I’m 7’3, 7’2 without shoes — ands I’m really quick and I have good movement for my tallness, for my height, so I’m pretty good in defense.

I can defend. I can change the game under the basket, so that means I don’t let some, yeah, the other team alloweds to make some points. I’m aggressive. I’m a fighter. I want to win, and I want to help my team to reach its goals.

On where he got his height from
For me, it’s tough to explain that because I have still some problems with feet. For me, feet is still new.* So, I can say it only in centimeters. But I think my dad is, it’s a bit taller, but not too tall. It’s not over 7 foot…My dad is around 188 [centimeters] and my mom is around 185. So, they’re not so, nots tall like me, but a little bit taller than normal.

* Possible UDQM.

On his outside game
I have a good s–I have a good touch. I think it was showed sometimes in the past, but I never really had the situation that somebody gave me the chance to shoot because the coaches have wanted me always under the basket.

But I know that I have the skills, that I can shoot from outside. I did it already in the past, for example in Bamberg, where I played sometimes on position four and I was shooting from outsides. And yeah, that’s what I hope, where, that I can, yeah, come back on the court and show that I can shoot.

Joe Ingles said his three years with Barcelona were the worst, most stifling years of his basketball career. Did Barcelona hold you back?
I was really proud to play for FC Barcelona. And I don’t think thats, it was only a bad year for me. I think I learned a lot of things, and I made steps forwards. So, I think it was one step on my, in my career who helped me to be the player who I am right now, and I think that’s the player the Utah Jazz choose. So I think every, I did everything rights ’til now.

Do you have a nickname?
[Past teammates] called me “T,” “Ty-bor,” “T-Bone,” so many things.

How did Utah’s Oktoberfest compare to your expectations?
It was a little bit different. For example, the foods — I went with Raul [Neto], and he asked me what’s, what is the favorites German foods you have, and I said it was schnitzel with red kraut potatoes. He tried, he liked it a lot.

But for me, it was, like, not that similar. It was not the same…The German style in America, it was really funny. I was laughing a lot. I, yeah, it was amazing, hear some German country music.

** People calling Tibor Pleiss “Ty-bor Pleese”: 1280 personnel
** First sport was field hockey, until he got too tall for it. Then moved on to soccer. Started playing basketball at age 10.

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  1. September 29, 2015 11:10 pm

    these are great.. thx for transcribing!!

  2. russellkanning permalink
    September 30, 2015 11:27 am

    after a while the guys will learn there is a correct answer to “who was your favorite NBA player”


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