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Utah Jazz Media Day 2015: Jack Cooley, Bryce Cotton, Christapher Johnson and Elijah Millsap

September 29, 2015


On being a white NBA player hustle player
There are things you can control in basketball and then things you can’t. And I want to make sure everything I control, I do 100 percent. And hustling my face off every possession is one of the things that I can control.

Do you have a favorite superhero?
It’d have to be, I’d have to say Batman, probably, ’cause he’s just a normal rich dude. And anybody can be a humble rich dude if you work hard enough. So, I, that’s kind of what I strive for.

** Mom made him get a haircut. He does what “Mama Cooley” tells him to do because of the way she cooks.
** At David Locke’s request, Cooley tells his dog story yet again. Unlike the first time when Cooley said he stole the dog, this time he says he compensated its original owner.


Do you think you can earn the starting point guard spot through a training camp battle?
I don’t really look at, you know, starting or coming off the bench, whatever. My goal is to go out there, compete, get better. What these coaches telling me to do, I try to do that to the best of my abilities every night. And whatever happens as a result of that, you know, that’s what it is.

Which part of your game is not talked about enough or underappreciated?
I don’t know if I’ve necessarily earned that right yet, you know? I just got my foot into the door, so I’m fine with not being talked about right now ’cause I still have lot to prove.

Do you have a favorite superhero?
I don’t think I have a favorite superhero. I wasn’t really into that.

** Dealt with a rare form of epilepsy at the age of nine; doctors told his mom he wouldn’t make it past sixth grade


What do you need to do to solidify your spot on the team?
You know, just go in and play hard. Help my teammates get better. You know, competing, and you know, just doing whatever my coach asks me to do.

What did the coaching staff want you to work on this summer?
You know, told me, not even on the court — you know, just stretching. You know, getting my hips more looser. You know, working on ball-handling…shooting. Those are two main primary things. Get a little bit stronger. And just keeping that same, you know, competitive edge. You know, getting to my spots quickly on the court. And being consistent.


What did you work on this summer?
I wanted to go into the summer getting quicker and faster, and trying to lose weight. And of course, shooting corner threes.

How much weight have you lost?
I haven’t lost the weight yet. But coming into the season, I usually like to be at a certain weight and I’m at that weight right now. And I know during the course of the week, I’m going to shred that weight, and I’ll be where I need to be…Right now I’m at 220, and that’s the lightest I came into a season. So, after the week I should be less than 215.

Do you like the Tony Allen comparison?
I like the Elijah Millsap comparison. You know, I lo–I used to watch Tony Allen all the time. Guys like him, Wesley Matthews, Bruce Bowen. I’m real big on watching film, but I think I got my own flavor.

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