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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 9/16

September 17, 2015
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randy rigby

What’s it like to be in an NBA front office at this time of year?
Well, it’s busy on a number of fronts. You know, we’ve got a great front office on the business side as well. And of course, you have your sponsors and your ticket people…[LHM and Jazz executives] are all busy working on all of the fronts of things so that we can have a fun, exciting season.

There’s gonna be some new things that they’re doing as it relates to in the building, and, with food services, and some new activities at the game itself. So, those things are bus–that we’re busy working on those, and working with sponsors and with clients on that front. Working with our, you know, getting the tickets sold and out and going.

From there, our basketball side. We’re busy trying to get some* — looking at some new approaches that we’re taking to the game as well. And Quin [Snyder] and the coaching staff have been very busy on some of the work that they’re doing.

It was very interesting to me, and I w–let me just, pulling behind the curtain, to just give a small sampling of this. As they’re trying out some things during this open training time-period, they’ve, the players have invited us to actually [sound cuts out] some things and look at some things, ’cause they like to kind of break things up.

But we had the opportunity of having coach [John] Beilein from Michigan**, who was in town, and I was visiting with him, actually, yesterday. And his comment to me was, some of the training proce–some of the training, and some of the drills that the players are doing are remarkable and very fresh.

He says, he was writing down notes and saying, “I’m taking these back and incorporating them into my workout.” Y–he says, “I’m excited about this team that Dennis Lindsey’s put together.” And he says, “I’m so impressed with the development programs that Quin Snyder has, is incorporated in on this team.”

That was a great endorsement to me, that, to continue to reinforce we’re taking the right steps in all fronts, of really building this team, that’s going to be a real competitive team, for the long term.

** Trey Burke’s college coach and father of short-lived Jazz coaching staff member Patrick Beilein

Do you let fans watch practice?
We have very limited opportunities for fans to come.* We do have some open practices, from time to time, in the season. It j–of course, you know, we do that.

One of the things that the league has encouraged and we’ve been supportive of, is, we do have once a year, a open scrimmage that we do invite anyone — season ticket holder or non-season ticket holder — to come and see and fo–and get to enjoy.

We then have some very limited, also, practices that some of our key sponsors or, and guests of our sponsors, or key s–ticket holders, can also come and be a part of.

Traditionally though, we also kept those, most of our practices are very, though, closed and very private. We’re about really being able to compete, and keeping our information very close to the vest, because we want, it’s about this team winning.


Do you have an update on the Jazz players who are playing internationally? [Updates on Tibor Pleiss and Rodney Hood’s bodies]
Well, watched yesterday, France played Latvia, and I’ll tell you, Rudy [Gobert] continues to impress me of how his maturity, his dominance, his influence on the court continues to be felt. And I’m really excited to see his continued growth and development. I, our fans are gonna be very happy with the efforts and the work that Rudy is putting into developing his game.

Tibor, has actually, Pleiss has actually finished his playing, and flew in the day before yesterday and has been at practice — was done practicing with the Germans, and so he’s been actually coming and starting to come to our optional training activity.

And I’ll tell you what, I’m very impressed with the body, with the touch, and the length of Tibor Pleiss. He’s gonna be a shot-blocker. He’s gonna be another, really, person to reckon with defensively, I think, for us as a team.

And I’ll tell you, Jeff Withey* has been also, been very impressed with his play, as I’ve watched him in his, some of his training, that he’s doing. So, I’m excited about our big guys, of what they’re doing. [Derrick] Favors** has always been working hard.

Let me give another mention that I should say, our fans are gonna be excited to see. I’ve been very impressed that the body [sound cuts out] and the s–the play and abilities of Rodney Hood.*** He i–his body seems to have changed. He’s slimmed down, but he’s strengthened his upper body. He’s moving extremely well, and I’m excited to see what his game’s gonna look like this coming year. (1280)

* Not playing internationally
** Not playing internationally
*** Not playing internationally

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