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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 9/9

September 10, 2015
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On what he does when a young man asks for permission to marry one of his daughters
Literally, my daughters and my children mean the world to Sandra and I, and I don’t take it lightly. And so, literally, when I sit down with these young men, they come in to ask for their han–for their, her hand in marriage, and my permission, I spend about an hour and a half asking the hard questions. And I literally want to know about their background, some of their issues and their challenges and where their goals are, what their aspects are, of, in life, and things. …

After I do that, then I have a little tradition. I then, also, after they’ve asked and I’ve given permission, I says, now you’ve come to ask a question, a favor from me. I says, now I want to ask one of you.

And I set out in front of them a box, wh–that’s wrapped up. And I ask them to open it up, and they open it up, and inside of it is a pearl. And I open up the Bible, the story of a pearl of great price. And I said, you’ve come here and you’ve asked for one of my pearls. And it is of the greatest price to me. And I says, I want you to then take this pearl, and I want you to then keep it into your pocket.

And I says, then, as you go out into the world and get confronted and maybe approached by people that look, you know what, you’re having a bad day with my daughter or things aren’t going well or you’ve had a fight, and all of a sudden maybe a secretary or a assistant or a nurse or something else that looks attractive to you* when you’re having a hard time.**

I says, I want you to reach in your pocket and remember the pearl that is into your pocket that I’ve given you, and you’ve promised to treat and take care of for the rest of your life, and I expect you to honor that commitment. And it’s been a good little effect.

* Secretaries, assistants and nurses. Harlots, the lot of them.
** UDQM. Lol.

On the Jazz’s open gym
We’re doing open gym right now, and we’ve got 15 of our players in the gym right now. The only — we’re gonna have — Derrick [Favors], who’s just had, of course, twins, and so, we’ve, wanting him to have a little father time, bonding.

But he’s gonna be here, then, next week, and, with the exception of Rudy Gobert, and Pleese,* we’ve got, and who are playing both for Germany and for France, we’ve got all of our players that are in our gym, enjoying themselves and having some organized structure together, of them just kind of really getting ready for this season. …

A year ago, in our open gym, we had our players starting to come in, but they were, you know, we did three weeks of open gym, and it started with maybe one or two of them in the first week; a couple more, and by the third week we had a pretty good showing, of our players. Probably 60-70 percent of our team.

Here we are now, fast forward to this year. We have 15 of our 20 players. Now, the only two players that aren’t here are, because they’re playing nationally. And the other two are injured, and one that will be here within a week’s time. The rest of them are here at the very start of open gym, and are going, and are committed to be here through the whole thing.

That speaks to me of the trust and the confidence level that, and excitement, that they have, in one another and in this coaching staff and this team.

* People calling Tibor Pleiss “[no first name] Pleese”: Randy Rigby

Dante Exum update
We’ve kept him down — he’s in Los Angeles recovering, because he’s gonna do some therapy there. He will then be travelling back, and he’ll be here eventually, but we wanted him, right at that time, dealing with some follow-up visits to the doctor. And he’s doing all of the things that we would hope that he would do to f–make a speedy recovery.

It’s very good reports to this point. He’s in great hands, and we’re, you know, to us, and we keep telling Dante, “You know what, each day is gonna get better.”

And we have great expectations for him, and we’re happy that he’s been able to now get past, to this point, to have the re–the successful surgery, and things moving along, and great young man that we expect a great future with, and you know, we feel that everything looks very positive.

Your front line is shaping up well with Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Tibor Pleiss, Trey Lyles, and Trevor Booker.*
This is shaping up very well, and we’re really excited about it. You, at the front line, then we have, of course, Alec Burks, and we have Trey Burke. Rodney Hood is looking — I was watching Rodney and talking to Jerry Sloan today.

We were both watching a little bit of the scrimmage these guys were doing, and I’ll tell you, Rodney Hood is looking very good as well, and in very good shape, extre–shooting the ball extremely well. So, between Alec and Rodney out there at the two position, then we, you’ve got these young guys with Raul Neto**, and Trey Burke, and then also Bryce Cotton.

Let me tell you a little side thing about Bryce Cotton. Bryce Cotton went down to P3, and these guys measure a lot of athletes. The highest vertical jump and percentage jumping ability that they’ve ever seen from a athlete. Bryce Cotton.

So, the kid’s got, he’s got hops, on, and you know, he can really jump, and we’re excited about them. He’s playing very well, and it’s exciting to see these guys competing with one another.

* The question is about the Jazz’s front line, so naturally Rigby decides to talk about the back court.
** People calling Raul Neto “Raul” with a hard “R”: Randy Rigby

Trey Burke appeared to handle his demotion to the bench well. Are you comfortable with your point guard position going into the season?
We are. We’re very comfortable with what we have, and the work ethic — you know, Trey has heard a lot of the question, or a lot of the discussion about his ability, and about his play. And he’s an athlete and a player that I think has answered the call of liking challenge, and liking people questioning, and him stepping up and performing. And this is an opportunity for him to step up and perform.

I think he’s recognized now, with Dante being in our lineup, that, he was challenged all of a sudden, that I think, maybe sometimes you thought it was oh, it was just my team, and I was the point guard. And then we pick up on Dante, and it, all of a sudden, it’s now pushed him, and I think that’s a positive thing.

I think Trey Burke is being pushed to a limit, and now has some people saying are you rilling* to really step up and take it to another level. And I think he’s challenging himself, and every indication that I’ve seen to this point during this off-season, he’s responded to the bell. And we’ve challenged him. We’re pushing him. We have big expectations. …

I think Trey has some opportunities. He has some talent that really can respond if, as he continues to push himself.

* “rilling” = really willing?

Has Trey Burke had a mental adjustment about what he has to do to improve since Dante Exum was drafted?
There’s a growing-up process. He’s been a young man. And you step into the league, and a luttl–little bit, you feel like, hey, this is pretty neat, and I kind of, I deserve, I, it’s nice being here now.

Then all of a sudden, reality hits you. And competition hits you. And you have to decide whether you’re just gonna be complacent, and accept, just, enjoying the ride, or really wanting to be a difference-maker.

And I th–that’s, I think, a crossroad that Trey has been at, and I think he’s now grown up to really say, hey, there’s more, and there’s more I can give, and there’s more that I can do, and to be where I want to be, and be where this team needs me to be, I need to take those other steps.

And I’m happy that I’m seeing every sign that he is wanting and showing all indications that he’s wanting to be better and to make those steps and those improvements. (1280)

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  1. SuzieQ permalink
    September 12, 2015 3:50 pm

    Remind me not to ask for Randy Rigby’s permission next time I marry one of his daughters.


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