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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 8/28

August 30, 2015
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Talk about new Jazz signees J.J. O’Brien and Jeff Withey.
Well, with J.J., we, the locals will know him with his one-year stint up at the U, and then he finished his career at San Diego State. And we had him this summer, and J.J. acquitted him we–himself well, especially defensively.

And so, he’s someone that we’re going to take a long look at the rest of the summer [in] open gym, end of training camp, and preseason. And he, we think he’s somebody that can defend the position, and he did a nice job also making open shots for us this summer both in practice and games.

And then Jeff is, we just felt like it was a unique opportunity, especially at this point in the summer, to add someone with his type of size, length, shot-blocking ability. I think over the last two years, he’s played 90 games and he’s been in the top 10 percentile at defending the rim inside of his minutes.

He’s, we got a little intel from University of Kansas that he’s a underrated shooter, and just looking at him technically this week, we would concur with that. And we’ll see where we can extenge* his range to like we’ve done with many of our big guys.

And so, again, we’ll take a look at him all the way through open gym and into training camp and preseason, and we have hopes that he can add something unique to our group.

* Not a typo.

What about Quin Snyder makes him the right personality fit for this team?
Yeah, interesting question. Coaches are a very unique bunch, and they come from all places and many different races and backgrounds…

And Quin is unique. He’s got a very unique personality, and obviously the first thing that comes to mind is his work ethic, for me. I know everybody, many people will grab onto his intelligence, but Quin grinds. And, but he’s able to do so with some personality.

I think it’s very unique when you get a coach that can instruct, coach a player hard and really get after him, but yet the player still likes to be coached by that person. And so, Quin has that unique balance like many of the good ones do, that they can really get after the group, and an individual, and the individual and the group doesn’t take it personally.

So yeah, he’s obviously very motivated and energetic, and I think our group does feed off some of his characteristics.

Do you think the no Sunday home games situation will change in the future?
You know, that’s a real personal question. I’ll deflect that to people that have a higher pay grade than me, and ultimately, that’s a real personal decision for the Miller family.

And look, we have a, we live in an area that is very faithful towards their religion, and so, sometimes there are truly greater callings in life than a basketball or a football or a baseball game. And we need to be mindful of that, and respectful of that.

So, if there comes a day, I think, you know, there, obviously there would be, need to be a lotta people seated at the table. My, you, probably people even outside the Utah Jazz organization, and make sure that that’s the right thing for the community.

But yeah, so I would withhold any, you know, personal opinion, just in deference to, you know, where we live, and the history of the organization.

You had players ready to step in when other players got injured last year. How much of the message that was sent last year will Trey Burke need to heed now that his role has changed with Dante Exum sidelined?
I think it goes beyond Trey…

We just feel very fortunate and grateful to have a coach like Quin that can help individuals develop and get better. And, but maybe as important, that can tie the individual development back to team production.

And so, that’s the exciting thing about the group, as constituted today is, we range from age 19 to 28, so our capacity for work, we have to be a work team. We have to work longer and harder and smarter to make up for the experience deficit that we currently have.

And so, many of our decisions have got back to a core principle: Can this player handle the work capacity that Quin and the coaching staff will demand of him?

And so, we put a lot of players together that have a high work capacity, and certainly [Bryce Cotton and Raul Neto], and if Alec Burks has some time there at that point guard position as well, they’re gonna have to work hard to integrate themselves into the group. (1280)

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