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Quin Snyder’s Takeaways from Seattle Seahawks Camp

August 28, 2015
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CMtWlaRXAAA1Je1via @seahawks

(as read out loud by David Locke)

** Emphasis on developing your players: How is that defined? Maximizing individual potential.

The process by which this occurs is best when it operates as a partnership. We as coaches need to listen, and to help our players improve. This is more than skill development, although that is an important piece.

Sometimes that may mean having a vision for a player that could exceed their own hopes and expectations, whereas [it] also leads to the affirmative that practice is everything.

Maximizing potential is impossible without a commitment to practice. That commitment is most impactful when it is accompanied with passion.

[I] feel encouraged that we are following a path that resonates to [me].

** A strong and deep-seated belief in what you want your team to project will allow you to sustain consistency as a coach and a leader through periods of extreme adversity.

Our process-oriented approach to our team’s development as well as that of our individual players [is] important for the way we want to play. Our system reflects what I value as a coach, as well as personally.

Unselfishness, competitiveness, perseverance. The alignment of professional and personal allows for consistency and confidence in the face of whatever the results reflect.

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  1. ned permalink
    August 29, 2015 12:32 am

    The sentence after the second set of asterisks is powerful. I wrote it down to use at a safety leadership training in the future. All of this gives reason for why Rudy can be the league mpv.


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