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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 8/26

August 27, 2015
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How was your fishing trip, Randy?
I have to tell you, I had a remarkable experience…We had five days of fishing [in Alaska], and let me just say that I’ve, with four of us, we brought home 350 pounds of silver salmon, pink salmon, and halibut, and had the time of our life.

One quick story, and I know we don’t want to stay on this, but we got out there halibut fishing, and my son-in-law all of a sudden said, “I’ve got a halibut on the line.”

And next thing y–we know, it star–his line starts running out there. And of course, you know, it’s not supposed to, for halibut, they don’t, the fish don’t run.

But next thing we see is a sea lion with the halibut in its mouth, up on the surface of the water looking at us. And he shakes the line, pops the line off, and within three bites, has that halibut down in his stomach.

And we start cussing the halibut, and then we start realizing, hey, that was pretty awesome to see that.

Spencer Checketts: Randy, would you say the sea lion did it just for the halibut?
Rigby: I like that joke. I like it.

Gordon Monson: Yeah, nice. Hey Randy, what did the fish say when he swam into a wall?
Rigby: (long pause) Wha–what?
Monson: Bam.
Rigby: Hahahaha.


Checketts: You know why fish don’t play basketball, don’t you, Randy?
Rigby: No, why?
Checketts: They’re afraid of the net.
Rigby: You guys are on a roll!


Monson: Randy, what did the fish say when he posted bail?
Rigby: You got me.
Monson: I’m off the hook.
Rigby: I’m off–hahaha.

Later (after Rigby hangs up)…

Monson: Which fish can perform operations?
Checketts: A sturgeon? Did you Google fish jokes?
Monson: I did.
Checketts: Yeah, so did I.

First (and likely last) ever #UDQM fishing story
We just, we were having so much fun, we didn’t want to get outta there. And I’ll tell you, a couple of times, we got into some salmon. We were landing some 31-inch salmon that weighed well over 20 pounds, and giving you one f–r–heck of a fight. And it was just, we had a lotta fun, as a group.

What can you tell us about Jeff Withey?
Well, I’ll tell you what, we should have some shot-blockers. We’re, Jeff has been in, and by the way, this week. I’ve been able to watch him work out, and I’m very impressed. You know, this is one that Justin Zanik did, really did a nice job on searching this one out. And Dennis [Lindsey] and Justin really feel like we’ve, may find someone that we’ll, it’ll be interesting to see how he, then, performs.

But we’re excited. I’ve been very impressed with his work ethic. Very impressed with how he handles the ball, and he’s got a nice touch around the basket as well as outside. And he’s working very hard, and so, he’s just, he is a Jazz-type player. He’s a quality individual, and he’s excited to be in Salt Lake City.

What would you say to Jazz fans who have concerns about the point guard position?
I would tell them that we feel very comfortable that we have three very good backup guards that have an opportunity to step up and really create a wonderful NBA career.*

And the type of players, they are Jazz type of player. They work hard, they have v–strong energy, they have strong work ethic, and I, we feel very good that, we don’t like that Dante Exum is down. A great in–great young man that has worked very hard.

But unfortunately, injuries is a part of life and part of this game, and we have a very good plan, three players that are gonna rise to the occasion that I, are gonna cover that spot. And our fans should be very happy to know that we’re gonna have some strong, three strong players there, to take, fill that vacancy.

* Wonder if Trey Burke sees himself this way.

Who will be the next Jazz All-Star?
Wow. I’ll tell you what. The way that some of our players are working, it could be a number of players. Gordon Hayward, of course. I mean, he’s on a track to be definitely, for strong consideration. I’d have to look at Gordon.

Rudy Gobert has been right there, though. His development has been remarkable. His abilities and his confidence is growing. And then, you know, have you, t–also, Derrick Favors has done some remarkable things.

So I, you know what, right now I could not, I gotta say, there’s three definitely strong candidates, and we got some other guys that I think are working hard as well. But I’d put one of those three right now in it. (1280)

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