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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 8/21

August 24, 2015
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Personnel Update
** Alex Jensen is in Germany with Tibor Pleiss
** Brad Jones is in Atlanta with several players, including Elijah Millsap
** Zach Guthrie just got back from Kansas City with Alec Burks
** Raul Neto and Trey Burke are in Salt Lake City

What commonalities exist between Gregg Popovich and Quin Snyder?
A high level of being geared towards competition. I think both of them have a competitive edge that is very similar. Really motivated; highly intelligent; really into the team.

You, the head coach is the, in many ways, the top 30 out of the, this profession, or in the NBA, by and large, and so, those things that separate the best of the best can really be a fine line. Both have unique preparation methods, but when you look at it, it looks very similar.

Pop will use note cards. You know, Quin will use a different method. You know, Pop will carry a, an old briefcase. You know, Quin will carry a newer, hipper backpack. But when you start removing away, you know, the subtle differences, you, what you find is, is a lot of common characteristics.

Tell us about Treveon Graham
Treveon’s a fine young cannibal man, and has come from a really serious program at VCU, a mid-major program that really outperformed their conference level year after year under coach Shaka Smart.

And so, Treveon’s a good wing that can score. He’s a plus-rebounder for the position. He’s become a very good shooter over time, and he’s someone that — again, you only have so many picks, and you can only marry yourself to so many players simultaneously.

But we have what we call a 61st pick concept: guys that aren’t drafted that we wanna continue to take a look at. And we’ve been very systematic about how we treat our camp invitees, our open gym invitees, our guys that make the Utah Jazz mini-camp, our summer league.

And many guys, we can’t initially offer a contract to, but we don’t close the book on, and Treveon’s one of those guys that we watched play with the San Antonio Spurs summer league team, and we felt like he acquitted himself well. So we wanted to give him an extended look in training camp, and then we’ll see what that means going forward.

If the season started tomorrow, would you be comfortable with your point guard rotation?
Yes, yes. We’ve got — certainly, we’re young…We’ll see what opportunities come outside our current set of three healthy point guards, but we anticipate that all three of our guys will use these next two months to get better. We’ll evaluate that, and then we’ll head quickly into the training camp season.

And then again, we won’t run from the accountability that that position, you know, has to be productive. And again, it’s like I said before, it’s no reason why it can’t, that position can’t collectively be more efficient, in particular just going through each guy and each of our young point guards having more experience.

And yes, Raul* Neto is a rookie by basic NBA terms, but he’s been a professional player for three or four years, and the task of organizing a group of men that are much older and experienced coaches inside a very competitive ACB League, I think he’s much more than a rookie in our mind with his experience in Spain the last few years.

So, Bryce Cotton adds some speed. An offensive substitute, a weapon if you will, and we look forward to capitalize on that.

And Trey [Burke]’s had a very good summer. We just had a very long conversation, Quin and I did, today with Trey, and we’re excited about where he’s moving as well.

* People calling Raul Neto “Raul” with a hard “R”: Dennis Lindsey

** Dennis Lindsey is hoping on “Mother Luck” that there won’t be any more injuries. (1280)

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