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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 8/14

August 18, 2015
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On Gordon Hayward and USA camp
They had two days of non-contact drills that Gordon was participating in. We had several of our staff members there in support of Gordon…

Gordon was never planning on playing that event, so we got in some extra sessions with Gordon as well, strength and conditioning and shooting.

On Olivier Hanlan signing with a Lithuanian team
With player rights, we have to extend him a tender, which he will not sign. But that will keep Olivier’s rights exclusive to us relative to the NBA. So, that’s a fairly simple administrative procedure. He and his agent, Michael Tellem, worked with us very well during the draft process.

And we didn’t know exactly how our team was going to form in late June, early July, and obviously wanted to have a bite at the apple with our summer league training camp and summer leagues, and with, knowing that, [he was] amenable to starting his career overseas.

Rytas is a very good club. They play in several different leagues at various levels, so I think while it’s a really high level for Olivier, I think it’s something that he, there’s no question he can handle. So I think Michael Tellem, his agent, did a really good job of carving out a r–we, in some ways from a Jazz perspective we couldn’t come up with a overall better situation.

And Lithuania basketball, the player, the average player, the average coach, fan, it’s a basketball country. So, he’ll be immersed, and it gives us a chance to extend our window…with him [as a] draft-and-stash player.

Update on Dante Exum
There’s, we, y–there’s that sweet spot of you want to do everything in the prehab phase that you can do, but you can’t do too much, so, and cause the condition to become worse. So, you have to be really, really specific. So he and Brian Zettler have been working daily here at [the practice facility] to make sure they’re precise in what they’re doing.

We’re taking measurements on his leg, relative to the swelling. It’s down to a half an inch differential, which we’re ecstatic with.

We’ve, we’re in the process of getting other opinions…We just want to continue to be on the same page with Dante and his representation and make sure everybody’s communicating properly so once we do go into the surgical phase, we have great confidence moving forward, and buy-in from Dante, that all his questions are answered. (1280)

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