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Off-season Odds and Ends

August 10, 2015

One. Trey Lyles doing what we all did to our notebooks in middle school, am I right? (Of course, back in the day we drew the awesome J-note logo rather than the primary Jazz logo of today…)

@utahjazz rook @treymamba41 works on a masterpiece at the #NBARooks photo shoot!

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Two. Speaking of 2015 Utah Jazz draft picks:

hanlan tweets

Three. We’re lucky to have a guy like Derrick Favors on the Jazz:

favors tweet

Four. And we’re lucky to have Rudy Gobert on Twitter:

gobert tweet

Five. That time then-Providence graduate assistant Jeff Van Gundy told then-1987 Utah Jazz draftee Billy Donovan he could make the Jazz roster over a third-year point guard named John Stockton:

At least one person thought that could happen. It was Jeff Van Gundy, a graduate assistant during Donovan’s senior year at Providence. Van Gundy started chirping, gassing Donovan up about his chances as he helped prepare him for training camp.

“Jeff’s like, ‘Listen, man. I’m telling you. You’ve got a chance to make this team,'” Donovan remembered. “He said, ‘They’ve got a guy there that’s in, like, his third year named Stockton that I’m not so sure about. He hasn’t played very much.’

“Training camp starts and I call Jeff after, like, the first day of double sessions. I said, ‘Hey, Jeff, remember that comment you made to me about you’re not sure about Stockton? That’s the best guard I’ve ever played against in my entire life.'”

Donovan was waived three days before opening night. (NewsOK)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    August 22, 2015 2:02 am

    We all thought Stockton was great in his rookie year. We just already had a good player. :)

    Between van gundy and his lame sidekick marc jackson that is quite a team :)


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