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Bits from Randy Rigby Interviews, 8/5 (Dante Exum Injury)

August 6, 2015
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On Dante Exum’s injury
What we know is Gor–is that Dante is on a plane. He’s on, en route to coming back here to Salt Lake. He’ll then go, we’ll have him looked at tomorrow —

[…Here, RR decides it’s a good time to launch into a long plug for the Jazz’s health care partner…]

— And so, we’ll know a lot better tomorrow after MRI and we see the extent of what we’re dealing with.

How comfortable are the Jazz with Trey Burke as their starting point guard?
Trey Burke has worked very hard this off-season. Trey is just coming back from Africa. Our reports, by the way, with his participation in Africa was, he was stellar. He wa–he did not only the right things that we want to see, and the work, effort, and the workouts when he wasn’t playing, but he went in and did a great job of participating and playing in the NBA over in Africa.

He did all the right things as well during the down times as well in, with the community, and with the people there in Africa. That shows, to me, a real maturing that we’re seeing with Trey Burke. …

I’ll tell you, he was a model. He did a very nice job on the court. He did everything they asked him to do off the court. And he was a consummate gentleman, and very impressive on what he did…I’m seeing a growing and a maturing from Trey, and he, you know, he’s learned from his mistakes, and I think he is becoming very solid NBA player and a very solid citizen in doing right — in doing hopefully the right things. …

Trey has been, again, a young man. He’s been learning and growing not only on the court, but also off the court. And I gotta give it to Trey. I’ve been impressed with the development and the attitude that he’s been taking, and a maturing, that we’ve been seeing with Trey, in his development, both on and off the court.

I expect Trey, if we have Dante out for an extended amount of time, I expect Trey to be a professional and to step up to the call, and do the things that we need him to do. If that’s gonna be, to then to come into the starting role, if Quin [Snyder] feels that, and our coaching staff, if that’s the direction they feel we want to go, I expect Trey to take that role and do it the best he can.

If it’s to continue to come off the bench and to really give us that lift, I expect Trey to fill that role, and we’ll call upon a Bryce Cotton or a Raul Lopez, Neto, sorry, Raul Neto, to take that role of the starting job.

Randy Rigby’s message to Jazz fans distraught over Dante Exum’s injury
Keep your head up…And we expect Dante is gonna have his head up, and let’s take this a day at a time. And we’re gonna take it, we’ll take it head-on, with whatever the issue is…and we’ll move forward with it.

And we have a player that has remarkable character, and he loves the game. He has great support from a ownership, and from a team, and from a family, and from our fan base. And so, let’s give him our thoughts and prayers. Let’s hopes for the best.

And if we’re dealing with something otherwise, let’s get behind him and you know what? This team is going to, if we have to move forward while he’s rehabbing and getting better, for a day or two or r–or weeks or months, you know what, we’ve got other great players that are gonna show that it’s an opportunity for them to rise and the Utah Jazz is gonna move forward, and it’s gonna be an exciting year. (1280)

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