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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 7/29

July 31, 2015
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On Motley Crue’s performance in Salt Lake City
Well, I’m singing a duet with Alice Cooper, if the truth be known. So, keep that on the low down.


You’re stuck on a desert island. Pick one movie, one TV box set and one book you’re reading/watching for the rest of your life.
Wow. OK. A movie that I can watch the rest of my life. Maybe something that I can really enjoy. You know what, take my mind off of being on a desert island, I’m a big Peter Sellers fan, and used to love the Pink Panther series. I still watch the Pink Panther series, and can laugh hysterically.

So I’m gonna probably say the “Revenge of the Pink Panther” with Peter Sellers, ’cause I better get, there better be something to laugh about if I’m stuck on an island by myself. …

OK, now I’m gonna listen to one band? I’m a big fan — and well, since I’ll be on a desert island, and I’ve always been a grownup, and have to say that I went as a young kid all the time down to Lagoon, and watched one of my favorite bands, and actually, and that’s the Beach Boys. So, I’ll have a lot of beach there on the desert island, and a lotta waves, so I’ll wa–I’ll listen to a little Beach Boys.

And I’m gonna be rea–let’s say I’m reading now something as well. And, so I’m a big fan of David McCullough, and I’m a fan of, also of history. And I think I’m going to probably go with one of my favorite books that I really enjoyed, and then, and kind of a, one of the early founding fathers, and that was John Adams. So, I’m gonna read “John Adams.”

And let’s see, did you want me to watch a TV series?…Wow. OK. I grew up watching it, so maybe I’ll be watch–since they were on a desert island, I’m, maybe I’ll watch, so I can laugh and get some ideas from them. I’m gonna watch “Gilligan’s Island.” So, that’s really dating me.

Is the Jazz Bear getting a little long in the claw?
He’s our Tim Duncan of the masc–of the NBA mascot. So, he is getting a little long in the claw there, and, but I’ll tell you what. He’s still got some good years in front of him, and you know, and then what we hope is, he’ll, he’s gonna be with our organization for a long, long time.

And hopefully, he can raise up his future, then, young bear that he can actually mentor, to try to be somewhat as good as he is. But I don’t think anyone’ll ever be where our Bear is.

On the Jazz’s preseason games in Hawaii
You know, we’re trying to take our key sponsors on a trip to say thank you for their commitment to us, and to create some camaraderie. For the first time ever, we’re actually gonna combine, then, our relationship and our trip with our sponsors with also, then, our team.

And we’re all gonna be going over to Hawaii for those two preseason games on Oct. 4 and Oct. 6, and then hopefully have a little time to have our sponsors interact with our players, and make a nice trip out of it.

It was important, though, for us that, I know the Lakers are going over there and actually gonna do their training camp. We wanna have a good, hard training camp here before we leave and go over there and have those games. But it’ll be something different and new.

It also allows our re–our building, and our building people do a magnificent job in scheduling our building, and keeping it busy and keeping it going, and it’ll allow them to actually have a couple of events that they needed to have here, while we’re, then, kinda going on the road and taking care of some preseason games.

Trey Burke and Gordon Hayward will be going to USA camp. Do you like having your younger players play against some of the best competition in the NBA?
Well, you always worry about injuries. But you know what? It’s, we never want to stop our players from having an opportunity to really improve their game and to play against the best. It also gives them an opportunity, and gives us an opportunity, to have them being showcased in front of the league, and also in front of the NBA, to actually allow them to continue to develop.

We want them to be the future recognized All-Stars, and up-and-comers in this league. And so, and I think it’s a very positive sign to our fans, and to them as players, of what they mean as potential future stars in the NBA, and I think it’s a great compliment to the organization.

So, we send the proper people and we make sure while they’re there, we’re, we have representation, and many times, while they’re there, so that we’re watching our assets and making sure they’re, it pro–they’re protected, and they’re getting the right kind of care and nutrition, and that the right kind of development is going on. But we’re very comfortable at this time with those opportunities.


Rigby on Jazz players and Team USA in 2012:

One of the concerns I have had is our athletes being around each other together and enjoying this idea [of playing together], and by them being around each other, some of our superstars, them talking and just saying, “Well, maybe we oughta stay together and formulate our own little squads in Miami or in New York” or wherever it might be. I think there’s been a little bit of that atmosphere going on, and I don’t like that competitive nature…

You know? Deron Williams wants to compete against Dwight Howard instead of teaming up together after we’ve already gotten all of our money first, and then now let’s make it easier for us to win…And so, one thing I think the Olympics has done a little bit is maybe invite that atmosphere of those guys coming together and wanting to do that.

Quin Snyder recently hired Igor Kokoskov. The Jazz suddenly have international flavor…
Well, that’s what’s, that’s what I think is beautiful about what we’re doing as an organization, is we, we’re not one-dimensional, that we’re really, from literally players, having an international breadth, we have that coaching staff that has development experience, that has international abilities. And this team is so international now.

The knowledge that we’re getting from Quin Snyder, from Alex Jensen, now from Igor, of actually seeing these international players, knowing the style, knowing where this game is going, is very beneficial to us as an organization, to keep us on the cutting edge, from both a game development and a game play, and style, as well as what’s going on with the players that we, that are potentially out there.

And the connections that these individuals have, that allows us to draw upon, then, being able to call other contacts and connections, and get good intel and information about players and their abilities. So, it’s extremely beneficial for us, and very useful. (1280)

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