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Vegas Summer League Off-Day Odds and Ends

July 17, 2015

One. Vegas show: Donny and Marie, or Mariah Carey?
** Rodney Hood: I gotta say Mariah.
** Derrick Favors: Who are they? I don’t even know who those are…I always want to go to the magic show…David Copperfield. That’s a show I want to go to…I’m picking that.
** Alec Burks: Uhhhhhhh, I don’t know. I’d rather go to one of them water shows. Cirque Delay, whatever that called…I like those. I went to one of those. That was good.

Two. Vegas pastime: Casino or poll?
** Rodney Hood: Probably the pool. I’m not a big gambler. I’m scared to gamble, so I’ll say the pool.
** Alec Burks: Neither. I can’t swim, and I don’t like to gamble.
** Dante Exum (buffet or pool): Well, I haven’t done either. Room service.

Three. Who would be the wildest teammate to spend a weekend in Vegas with?
** Rodney Hood: I gotta say Rudy [Gobert].
** Derrick Favors: I’ll probably either have to say Alec or Eli[jah Millsap]…If he was in Vegas, I would pick Rudy. But Rudy’s not in Vegas. He out in France.
** Alec Burks: I’m gonna say everybody. We all together be wild.

Four. Raul Neto on why the Jazz drafted him what he likes to do in his spare time
I’m a quiet guy. I like to be at home with my family, enjoy my friends. I really like basketball, so when I’m home, my dad play basketball, so we always talking about basketball. But I’m a kind of house guy. I just like to chill with my friends and my family.

Five. Dante Exum on Vegas for under-21s
I had my 20th birthday, and you know, it’s just a big tease being in Vegas. But you know, it’s been fun, and you know, you get to do everything else except for, you know, the bad stuff. So you know, it kinda saves me, you know, save money. You know, going to the tables. Yeah, you know, Joe [Ingles]’s definitely told me how he’s lost some — all of his per diem and all of his money, so you know, it ma–it puts a smile on my face knowing I can’t do it, so.

Six. Derrick Favors on his adidas Yeezys
Shoutout to adidas. Shoutout to Dante for helping me get them…They comfortable. I like them. They stylish or whatever. I like them.

Seven. Favors on the impact of Jazz veterans showing so much support for the Summer Jazz players
I think it had a big impact on the young players like, you know, Dante, Rod, and the guys who are trying to make the team. You know, just for the vet guys to come and you know, show they support and work out with them in the morning and do things like that, you know, it’s, it means a lot to those guys.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. hhhhkau permalink
    July 17, 2015 8:24 pm

    Can Boler, bestower of names, please change Alec’s nickname from Magic Man to Cirque Delay PLEASE!?!?

  2. russellkanning permalink
    July 18, 2015 3:07 am

    oh yea …. that move was right out of serk da soolay


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