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Bits from Randy Rigby Interviews, 6/30 and 7/1

July 2, 2015
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randy rigby

On the Utah Jazz Summer League
I hated seeing, the league, really, a–for a time, as they went down to Las Vegas, they slowly kind of crept, or kept stealing teams from us, and it was frustrating. And Kevin O’Connor and myself worked very hard at trying to get the league to recognize what they had done wrong, and to work with us. …

[The NBA] came around, gave us support. Dennis [Lindsey], myself, worked hard with also teaming and kind of coordinating with [Vegas Summer League founder] Warren LeGarie and his group out of Las Vegas, and said, “Hey, we don’t want to take away from yours, but we wanted i–have a league as well.” And he was very supportive and we’ve been supportive of their league.* And we’ve been able to be, w–do a very strategic way of making this happen, and we’re really excited to have it back.

* The Utah Jazz, supporter of the Vegas Summer League since 2014.

On summer league ticket sales
We’ve already sold 4,000 seats for each night, and, plus, for the, for all three games. And we’ve also sold individual game night tickets. So, we’re right now sitting at well over 5,000 seats sold. Of course, we want to try to keep this in the lower bowl, but if we have over, remarkable response, we’ll also start opening up the upper bowl. But we want to fill the whole lower bowl. …

Three-day passes are sold out. But still, go online ’cause we’re selling, literally, specific game tickets and specific seats. So, when you buy your seat, it’s not, you just come in and hope to get a good seat. You can go in and pick out the seat where you want to sit.

How comfortable are the Jazz with standing pat in free agency?
I’ve had very good co–dialogue with Dennis, Quin [Snyder], Justin[ Zanik]. We feel very strong about the plan that we’ve put in place, of our deve–of our desire to really build through the draft, of really, then, taking our selections as well as players that we have on our roster and continuing the development process, and, that we have, and we also have, you know, of course, rights to some other, of our foreign players that we can look at.

And we feel like those tools and the plan that we’ve put in place is a very solid plan that we saw results that we, at the end of the season, of when it was meaning to us, and we want to continue on that path and we feel very comfortable that it’s the right path for us at this time. And of course, we’ll be judged from it, but we’re willing to stand up and believe in it, and move forward.

* There have been requests has been one request for translations. Given that there are PR talking points making the rounds in the front office (see: “Alec Burks is our best free agent”), here’s a translation for this bit in Dennis Lindsey’s words from the night of the draft:

I think it’s clear the template here is best. You build your base through the draft. I think that’s where it starts…And then augment through free agency, and then parley up in trade…If it’s no [free agents] as we sit today and our team is the same that we go into training camp with, we’re comfortable with that alternative as well. And that’s exciting to us…We’ll be judged if [internal development] is not [enough to get to the playoffs].

If you were to sign a free agent, what type of player and fit would it be?
One of the free agents that we think that we’ve already added to our team, which is going to be Alec Burks.* Alec has done a remarkable job during this time, when he’s had to strengthen, because of his injury, of his rehabbing. He’s worked very hard, though, in preparing himself and we’re excited about what he’s gonna bring, and the dimension he’s gonna bring.

We had Rodney Hood**, that had, you know, spurts during the off-season. He’s had, now, a full off-season to get healthy and strong, understand the NBA game. And we saw at the last of the season, his game was starting to blossom, and we think that that’s, that side can continue to also grow and develop. We’re looking for bigger things from him.

And of course, we had a rookie season from, also, Dante Exum***. And that’s an area I think we need to continue to improve on.

* Not a free agent
** Not a free agent
*** Not a free agent

Randy Rigby’s genie wish for…
Gordon Hayward: Continued development on, now, his offensive end, of finishing stronger in the fourth quarters.
Derrick Favors: Continued toughness and development of his offensive game, and continued hard work out on the floor, in preparation of being, continuing to step closer towards a Karl Malone-style of play out on the court.
Alec Burks: Alec Burks? Defensive toughness.
Dante Exum: I wish him to be two years older, quicker.
Trey Burke: Oh, did we do Tre–I was doing Al–did I, I thought we were on Al–you said Al–oh, sorry. Let me change that. I thought you said Trey Burke. We got a lot of Treys and Alecs and Burk(e)s and everything. Let me rephrase that. Trey Burke’s wish, for me, was t–defensive toughness. Was improved defensive toughness.
Alec Burks: Continued improvement on his off–his outside shooting at the 3-point line.
Dante Exum: I said I want him to be two years older, quicker. I really think his body needs to continue to grow. He needs that time for his body to continue to grow and develop.
Rodney Hood: Continued strengthening of his lower body.
Rudy Gobert: Keep on the path that he’s going…Don’t stop.

On Tibor Pleiss
Tibor was in town. Watched him working out last couple of days, and number one, he moves very well with the ball. I was very impressed with — character-wise, our type of player. Very positive personality. Open, teachable, hungry and hard-working. Great attitude, and I was really excited about that. I was excited to see his conversations that were having with our coaching staff and with the workouts that he did. I’m very optimistic and hopeful that we can possibly see Tibor involved with the organization.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)
** Randy Rigby on Gordon Monson’s absence: I figure with the three of us, we can easily handle Gordon’s spot.
** Spencer Checketts on Joe Ingles: He’s got a little dog in him, and I like that…He’s not afraid to open his mouth.
Rigby: And at the same time, he can also loosen up his teammates a little bit also. You know, take that tension off as well. (1280, KALL)

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  1. bebop permalink
    July 3, 2015 4:09 am

    Randy Rigby should never have an audio recording device placed in front of him.

  2. russellkanning permalink
    July 6, 2015 6:02 am

    My wishlist for the Jazz is that we get a better spokesperson. ;)

  3. russellkanning permalink
    July 6, 2015 6:03 am

    btw *** not a free agent
    I was a home grown fan from 81-82


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