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More Bits from Quin Snyder and Dennis Lindsey Interviews

June 30, 2015
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Thanks to @andyblarsen for the audio.

626 snyder

On his evaluation of last season
I’ll go back after summer league and really dig in and watch, you know, not all of our games but a good chunk of them. And you know, I’ve got, you know, I do the old yellow pad thing. Left over from law school.

I’ve got a lotta notes from the course of the year that I used to coach the team, and some of them are literally a couple pages of notes for every game that I’ll review with ideas.

And over the course of the season, you keep a lotta stuff on video. And we’ll go back through all that and basically create a video playbook that we’ll get a chance to evaluate and look at.

You know, there’s a lotta preparation work that could be done during the summer, but I, I’m, I’ve been focused on the draft and then I’m gonna go through summer league and take a deep breath and clear my head before I dive into that.

On the Jazz’s new hires
This past year, I really wanted to just take inventory of what everybody’s strengths were. You know, we, the idea of, you know, development coaches versus coaches’ bench behind them, that to me, those were, I wanted a flat organization. Those things just, I don’t like those categories. …

I’d like to focus more on what guys’ strengths are, and me, as the manager, try to play to those strengths. …

In Zach [Guthrie]’s case, Zach’s had, you know, he had experience with me way back in Austin when he was going to school at Texas and then worked in San Antonio for [Mike] Bud[enholzer] for two years, and then built the video room in Orlando.

So we, we’re in the process of overhauling what we’ve done with video. A lot of that’s happened already. It just hasn’t, we haven’t, it hasn’t been codified. You know, we’re creating those systems.

And I think in Zach’s case, he’s got a very good basketball mind. So, some of what he’s gonna be doing is, you know, literally basketball strategy — how to attack defenses and various things like that; research for me, in addition to his video responsibilities. Kinda grafting in, you know, different ways we can use technology too.

So, those things, in addition to — you know, I want all my guys to be on the court and have a chance to touch players, and work with them. I think it helps them in all different aspects. So, I have a lotta confidence in Zach’s kind of acumen for the game.

** Quin Snyder on summer workouts, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: You don’t want to sit on these guys too much in the summer. They need their space.

626 lindsey

On Quin Snyder
We have a very dynamic coach that I think it’s clear that NBA players believe in and gravitate towards. …

The beauty of [Quin Snyder] and his staff is, is the grass isn’t greener. In some ways, I wish, you know, he would come in my office and demand this player, but he’s been great.

And so, when we have people calling us for Dante Exum, you know, Quin has stopped that. Quin’s like, “I believe in him. I believe in his makeup. I believe in his insights.” …

We have a real asset in Quin that he’s not gonna put a guy in a box and leave him there. You know, they’re gonna have to play within certain roles and concepts that the team and Quin define, but he’s also growing their games. And so, you can see that in several ways.

On the coaches working with players during the summer
It’s very dynamic. It’s very teaching-oriented. And here, when you wanna emphasize player development, you gotta create an environment. And if it’s hard work to the point where it’s obnoxious, the players will just go away. So the coaches have to have a little feel. There has to be a little give and take…

And as long as the players feel like they’re being well taken care of here and well taught, it’s not [necessary] for them to go out and hire a personal coach. They have the resources here. So, that’s the environment we’ve tried to create.

We wanted to have several workouts. We wanted to have a mini-camp, because we want our gym to feel alive when our players are here as well.

On on-court proprioceptory* consequences
There are movements and patterns that if you study — if you have the video, if you have the data, if you have the coaching expertise to then apply what you see and replicate — you can create a unique deal.

And one of the things that we have — it was really a three-year job interview that Quin had with me in Austin and San Antonio. We saw that every day. It was just a really unique, deeper dive towards footwork and towards balance. And so, it also capitalized on some of the technology that we’ve added to the building. It’s right in the same genre that, our work towards P3.

And so, and what we’re trying to do — one of the reasons why we hired Jeff Watkinson is [the] coordination of all those efforts of medical services from an athletic training standpoint, from a strength and conditioning standpoint — which was Wat’s primary background — and then skill and development.

And so, to help coordinate that and make sure it’s well communicated, and that we’re doing not too little, not too much. The right, and pardon the pun here, the right balance for those things. So, I think over time, maybe not instantly, but over time, it’ll provide us with an advantage relative to the league.

* A word I just made up

How much did advanced metrics play into the draft process?
Yeah, we believe in it. We believe in the data…Those efforts are a big piece of the puzzle.

But, look, there’s scouting opinion. There’s coaching opinion. There’s medical. There’s our athletic testing. There’s the opinion of the workout and the skills that they have. And then there’s the math.

And really, if you’re doing it well, you want to create an environment where all of those departments are working together, and there’s not a domineering personality in the department that can squash opinion.

And that’s the neat thing about what we’re trying to create here, is a real open environment where everybody can feel free to share their opinion.

And you have to work on that, just ’cause the whole analytic front, you know, is relatively new compared to some of the more traditional scouting, and we have to systematically make sure that they have a voice, and I think we do a decent job [of that]. And it was a big part of our process.

** Dennis Lindsey on the coaches working with players during the summer, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: I wish I could open it up and show you guys.

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