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Utah Jazz Introduce Trey Lyles and Olivier Hanlan

June 27, 2015

** People calling Trey Lyles’ girlfriend, Olivia, “Olivier”: Randy Rigby

626 lyles

On being drafted by the Jazz
I’m just thankful to be here. Glad to a part of this organization, part of this team now. Coming in with Olivier, I think that’s gonna be great for–great contribution to the team, both of us.

I’m just thankful that the team and the staff had the faith in me and decided to bring me along with the team, and I think that, you know, with hard work put in I can be a major contribution to the team.

What kind of immediate impact do you think you can make on this team?
Going to Kentucky and playing with a lot of stars, you know, it’s, it helped me out a lot. You know, I don’t think any one individual was able to do everything they’re capable of, and the team didn’t need it from us, ’cause we had it in different places.

So you know, coming up here with the Jazz, I’ll be able to do more, of course. And then being a young guy on the team, you know, for me, I’m a competitor so every day in practice, Imma make sure I go out and I show coaches what I’m capable of doing, and you know, hopefully I’ll be able to earn some minutes from the other guys, and you know, be able to contribute from there.

On being half-white On his sneaky athleticism
I think I have, you know, sneaky athleticism…I think it’s a sneaky thing I don’t do all the time, and you know, just ’cause I don’t do it all the time, people don’t, would say that I’m not athletic.

626 hanlan

On being drafted by the Jazz
We have a young team. You know, a lotta pieces already, and adding, you know, somebody, you know, Trey and me, it just added to that, you know, talent on the team.

You know, we’re both here to work hard, and I’ll be dedicated to the program, and you know, you guys probably have the best fans in the — you guys have the best fans in the league, and you know, that’s something to look forward to, and just grateful to be here.

Are you looking forward to fitting into a team instead of being asked to do everything?
Yeah, definitely. My three years at [Boston College], I was asked to do a lot. You know, I’m not complaining, but I don’t think I’m gonna get 40 minutes here, you know, right from the start.

But definitely coming into a team with, you know, a lot of veterans, and you know, guys like Trey [Burke] and Dante [Exum] and Bryce Cotton, that’s been through it before me, and you know, I can just learn from them.

But definitely be playing less minutes, so maybe a little less tired, but I would say in terms of just being a bit more efficient in terms of shooting and just being, you know, consistent with sh–my overall game and defensively also.

On shooting 68 percent around the basket in college
Yeah, I did a good job at that at Boston College. You know, I had a pretty good strength coach to help me with my body, in terms of just controlling, you know, my core and stuff like that. That helped me a lot with just finishing around the basket.

You know, I’m not the most athletic guy, you know, and dunking on people, but in terms of, you know, getting to the rack and getting fouled or having a few, you know, nice finishes is definitely something that’s a part of my game.

So you grew up in Quebec, which, the Canadian basketball revolution, Quebec’s been pretty absent of it.
I think there’s talent in Quebec, you know, but just need more exposure. You know, I’m not gonna downplay Quebec like that…

Hopefully I’m the first one and you know, have a few come after that. But you know, it’s definitely starting a bit, you know, with the Canada trend, and a few guys getting picked on–No. 1 overall and a few guys just having, you know, impacts at the next level.

626 lindsey

On the Jazz’s draft selections
At the end of the day, these guys, relative to their picks, really stood out. Trey specifically, his ability to make plays and be a versatile player, his intelligence…

And Quin [Snyder] and I talk about this a lot, but when you get 19-year-olds, 22-year-olds that are basketball prodigies, things kind of gravitate towards them. So, the “derecruitment,*” if you will, of young players is very important, and I thought coach [John] Calipari did a great job and a great service for all the Kentucky players to really put the team in front of themselves…

Trey in particular, playing different positions, we think that is going to set a platform for him to be able to be even more versatile at the power forward position as we’ll be playing him.

Olivier, we’ve been impressed with all the way through. You’ll soon see how well-educated he is, how cultured he is, and then what a good basketball player he is. He came in this workout here, and this is a tough place to work out at, not only what we demand, but in altitude. And many times, the altitude gets on players’ back.

And so, his ability to play with pace and to knock out the workout allowed us to take a longer look at what he could do as a point guard who could both score and create for his teammates. And we’re thrilled to have him.

* DL made air quotes.

626 snyder

On the Jazz’s draft selections
It’s nice when things crystallize for you, as Dennis mentioned. You know, we met with Trey in Chicago and had a really good interview, just talking to him, and then Olivier as well here.

You know, we do a lot of things as far as on the court, and one of the biggest things to me was the interview process, and just to get a chance, as a coach, to get an idea how you would interact with a given player.

So, in addition to the things that these guys were able to do on the court, it was also, for me, a really neat thing to feel like that they kinda “get it.*” They g–they understand who we are, what we’re about, and we feel like it’s a great fit.

* QS made air quotes.

How do these two guys fit into your system?
Well, obviously, real good. I think Trey mentioned the workout, and one of the things that stood out to me in the workout for him was when the ball was thrown ahead or he rebounded the ball, his ability to push it on the dribble, and make plays for other people.

I think we’ve alluded a little bit here just the concept of being unselfish, and you know, when I saw him play on tape and then here, that resonated with me. A guy that not only is unselfish, but is capable of passing the ball and making plays for his teammates. So, I think that and his versatility will fit him well with what we’re doing. And he told me that he plays a little defense too, so I was glad to hear that.

And interesting little anecdote about Olivier, after, we were actually in his room for the interview, and I walked him out — and you know, in his college career, he was asked to do a lot, and got a lot of different defenses thrown at him. And I asked him a little bit about pick-and-roll defense and which coverages were mo–the most difficult for him to attack.

So, I use that as an example because I think he’s excellent in pick and roll, and he’s capable of making reads and not only scoring the ball, but making plays for other people. And as you know, we like to play a lot of pick and roll, and we like to see the ball move, and guys making each other better. So, that’s, you know, that’s kinda how I see a big picture with a few specifics.

What specifically does Trey Lyles have to improve to be an effective power forward in the NBA?
You know, one of the things that, when Trey was here for his workout, he shot the ball very well. We had him shoot a bunch of corner threes, and I think as he gets — a lot of guys, when you come to the NBA, you’re just gonna have an opportunity to get more shots and get more reps. And I see his, you know, his shooting, his range extending more where he’s more and more comfortable taking those shots. You know, he did well shooting the ball when he was here.

You know, you guys know what an emphasis we put on defense, and I feel like, you know, the players in our system, defensively, especially “one” through “four,” we like to have versatility defensively. And the fact that he did play the “three” some* at Kentucky, primarily, really, and had to guard guys on the perimeter, got switched out on the guards, I think is a big thing. So that defensive versatility is, I think, something that he can bring that can be valuable to us.

* “He did play the threesome”: UDQM. H/T @edwin_nba.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)
** David Locke to Trey Lyles: Man, this handshake. I have to tighten up, man. Your handshake is real. The hand–you gotta get in deep, or when their hands are bigger, you just get crunched. (H/T @Mac_Jazz)
** Dennis Lindsey on Trey Lyles: He’s really good. He, while Trey is good vertically, that’s really not his deal. Really, what he is, is he’s r–you know, his body control, his balance is superior. And that allows you to open up your hips and move and change directions.
** Dennis Lindsey on Trey Lyles’ body: He’s just got a good body. You know, you, it’s a little hard to tell in clothes. You know, I, when he walked in the Chicago combine in the interview, I just, y–I couldn’t tell how big he was. It’s like his clothes and his proportions — he’s so well-proportioned it hid it. But when I walked up on him in the draft workout — first thing Quin said is, “Oh. He’s big.”
** Dennis Lindsey on athleticism: While speed does matter, stopping and starting matters. Being able to handle the ball and change directions while keeping your head up really matters. There’s several players that had better sprint times than Chris Paul did, but they can’t stop and start. They don’t have his hips and deceleration. And so, those subtleties matter.
** Quin Snyder on studying film: Everything gets reduced for me by Dennis and the group.
** Quin Snyder: Sometimes if you’re big and you step out, everybody says, “Hey, you’re soft. You need to be inside.”

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  1. Brian permalink
    June 27, 2015 11:45 pm

    DL’s udqm about Lyles body is probably one of my favorite udqm ever


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