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Utah Jazz Draft Trey Lyles and Olivier Hanlan

June 26, 2015

jazz draft

** Trey Lyles and Olivier Hanlan were part of the same draft workout. Bits from the post-workout interviews here.
** People calling Gordon Hayward “Gayden Horword” after Lyles was drafted: ESPN
** Before and after the draft:

rudy kitty

** Walt Perrin on Lyles before the draft
He’s a good basketball player. And the thing at Kentucky this year, he started out playing the “three,” but he’s gonna be a “four” in our league. So he got an opportunity to play more on the perimeter, got an opportunity to experience playing on the perimeter. And as a four in our league, the way our league is going, fours are playing more on the perimeter, so it puts him ahead of the curve of most fours…To show you how wrong I can be, I thought when I watched Trey and I watched Karl Anthony-Towns with Hoop Summit, I thought Trey might become a better player…I’m pretty high on Trey. I think he’s gonna be a good NBA player.

11352373_1592785157650185_842722602_nPhoto via @utahjazz

On being drafted by the Jazz
I think that I’ll be able to come into the group and, you know, contribute very soon.

What do you bring?
Just a very versatile guy. You know, can do more than one thing, and you know, somebody that’s gonna be able to contribute right away, that cares about winning more than I care about myself, and you know, that puts the team first in everything that I do.

What do you know about Quin Snyder and the group?
I [got] a text from coach Snyder. You know, he contacted me pretty quick, so that’s cool. …

I know he’s a Duke guy. I’m not gonna hold that against him, though. But I know he’s very enthusiastic, from what I can see, from being there. And like I said earlier, I know the team is young, but I feel like I’ll be able to come in and fit perfectly, and like I said, contribute right away.

What do you think impressed the Jazz about you?
I think the workout and just them sitting down and, you know, watching film of me and stuff like that. And you know, just them feeling confident in me being able to be a playmaker for the team and somebody that can, like I said, contribute right away.

trending worldwideTrending worldwide for a bit

On his relationship with Alec Burks
I was at Adidas Nation, I think it was my s–freshman year of high school going into my sophomore year. And Alec, he was one of my coaches on the team that I had, and you know, we hung out and talked a little bit, so that was cool. …

I stayed in constant contact with him lately. So, hopefully a couple of those guys will be able to, you know, help me out and take me under their wing when I get there.

How much do you know about the state of Utah?
I know it’s cold sometimes…The altitude there, of course. And you know, I know that Salt Lake City’s a nice little town, and you know, has a lot of support from the fans.

lyles familyPhoto via @dlocke09

Where did the “Mamba” nickname come from?
It came from my Twitter handle. My boy James [?], he started calling me “Trey Mamba.” Then, you know, a lot of other guys, a lot of other people really caught on to it, and people have just been calling me [that] for awhile now.

Is there more to this? From Lyles’ USA Basketball profile:


Who was your mentor growing up?
My father. You know, me and him are best friends. You know, he gave me everything I have. All my talents, everything…Without him, I wouldn’t be here.

What do you like to do off the court?
I just like to sit around like a regular person and watch movies. I like shoes a lot, so I collect shoes. Do puzzles, play cards, do all that kind of stuff. But you know, just like a regular guy.

On Rudy Gobert
Dude’s long.



On Trey Lyles’ body
He’s a lot bigger than you realize. He’s 6-10 and a half, 240 pounds-plus. We’ll say 243, with a frame that can get bigger. He could, if it’s the right weight, he can move that very well. Seven-one wingspan. He also has very large hands.

On Trey Lyles’ game
We had several intriguing options, and we feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to bring a player like Trey Lyles to the program. …

As you guys will soon see, his playmaking with the ball, his handle, how tight it is, his ability to keep his head up and play unselfish basketball is superior. … Trey in particular made some sacrifices [at Kentucky] not playing as many minutes at the four, which is his natural position.

But playing the three, he learned to handle the ball. He learned to execute. There’s a big part of our game going forward is bigs that can guard smalls. By definition, he guarded a lot of small forwards, and for a big guy to pull that off on a 38-1 team was very unique.

So, there’s some really unique characteristics. And then as much as we like him physically from a talent and a skill standpoint, his makeup is Jazz DNA through and through. It’s just, you know, he’s not outside of our boundaries in any form or fashion, so we think he’ll fit well here. …

We also feel as though, that he could, you know, in the right situation, right set of circumstances, he could come in and learn our system cold. One of the most impressive things about his, the research we did on him as a player was, is that he knows basketball systems, and, very well. So, we expect a very quick transition, even though our system can be somewhat difficult at times.

What position will Lyles play?
[He]’s gonna be as more of a mobile four. He’s proven on the, arguably the best team in the NCAA that he can play three. It’s not the way the league is necessarily going, but so there’s quite a bit of hidden value there.

We can see him defensive rebound, advance the ball up, and that’s good action because what happens when your pow–or when your bigs can rebound and advance the ball up, it’s a little bit like Draymond Green plays in Golden State…It’s hard in a defensive situation not to get cross-matched.

And what you’ll find out is, is Trey’s vision’s superior. His handle’s superior. His decision-making is very safe…

[Our analytic people found that] when he played minutes at the four, he was an above average rebounder as a defensive rebounder, and he was top 20 in the nation in his offensive rebounding rate when he played the four…

[On defense], what we saw was first guy back. Communicating on defense. Cross-matching. We saw someone that was of high character on just how he played the game.

On Olivier Hanlan
So, Olivier’s an impressive guy…Olivier is a nice-sized point guard who can score. He led the ACC in scoring. Became a much better playmaker. He came in here and really impressed us. His fitness level was superior. He’s already a professional in his approach, in how he handled himself, how he carried himself.

And so, we plan on taking a long look at Olivier this summer, and we’ll see what that means relative to our roster going forward.

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  1. Paul Johnson permalink
    June 27, 2015 11:52 am

    So is Trey Lyles the kind-of-black-Mamba?


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