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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Sam Dekker, Terrence Drisdom and Skyler Halford

June 25, 2015
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Also working out, but with no interviews posted: Janis Berzins (Latvia) and Rashad Madden (Arkansas)

Also scheduled to work out, but couldn’t due to canceled flight: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Arizona)


** Wisconsin – F – 6’9 – 219 – Junior – 21 years old
** Eighth workout; has one more with Sacramento
** Comment on the altitude
I had to get a little acclimated to, you know, the air a little bit, and you know, started off a little slow, but overall, it went well.
** What are you trying to show in workouts?
That I can be a consistent outside shooter is something I’ve, I see myself as being able to do, and I didn’t do it as well as I wanted to in the past year, so, you know, so I’ve been showing that. And I feel very comfortable shooting the ball right now. So, I’m excited about that. And then, I also want to show, you know, just my whole, complete, you know, offensive game. You know, passing the ball and putting it on the floor. But defensively as well, being able to, you know, extend and get on guys and put some pressure on them. So, you know, all those question marks that are there for me I’m trying to prove, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it.
** How does your game resemble that of Gordon Hayward?
We’ve kind of had similar question marks coming out. You know, played a few seasons of college. You know, people were wondering about, you know, some consistency and you know, strength and that type of thing. And you know, he came in and he’s worked, and he’s made himself into an all-pro player. Fun guy to watch. He’s athletic. You know, he can score inside-out. You know, he can see the floor, and he can defend pretty well too. So, you know, that’s not a bad guy to try to model some stuff after, and I can see myself, you know, maybe getting to that level, but I got a lot of work to do before I do that.
** What do you know about the Utah Jazz?
Well, I’ve watched my share of basketball in my life, so you know, the Jazz were always on when I was growing up in, you know, late 2000s, or, like, you know, 2005, 2010. You know, they were always playing the Knicks, you know, and Kobe [Bryant] and [Car]Melo [Anthony] in the Western Conference, so I got to watch them a little bit. You know, but this year, they got a lot of young talent. You know, they have a lot of good wings. You know, Gordon [Hayward] and Rodney [Hood], good guards. Trey [Burke] and those guys, so. You know, their bigs, or, you know, Rudy [Gobert]. You know, they have a lot of exciting players, got athleticism, so I think I’d be able to fit in well there.


** Cal Poly Pomona – G – 6’5 – 175 – Senior
** What were you trying to show today?
I think I showed them I can get to the rack. You know, my shot has gotten a lot better over the years, and I, you know, fortunate to shoot well today.
** What position would you play in the NBA?
I would say I’m a, probably a “one” and a “two,” mostly. I think I can create for other guys pretty well, and also create shots for myself. And so, you know, I think those are my two strongest points.


** BYU – G – 6’1 – 175 – Senior – 25 years old
** First workout
** Signed with a German agent a month ago; has received interest from a German team
** Do you feel like you contributed to the workout, or were you just an extra body?
You know, I did everything all the other guys did, and then, and I felt, you know, I felt included. And whether I was a fill-in guy or not, you know, it’s just a great opportunity for me…Hopefully, maybe, there’s some probable D-League options with their Idaho Stampede team, or like I said, it could just be a resume-builder for my opportunities over in Europe.
** What do you bring to an NBA team?
For me, I’m just that guy, I feel like at practice that’s gonna get everybody going, you know, as hard as I can. I’m, I just try and be a leader as much as I possibly can and lead by example, just, you know, working as hard as I can. So, probably my work ethic and energy. You know, and then just trying to help people, bring, you know, bring people up.
** On working out for his hometown team
I [got] to meet Jerry Sloan. He came up to me and said hi, and talked to me. You know, I’ve watched him all my life growing up…And it’s just, it’s a cool experience to be able to, you know, I guess rub shoulders with a few of the guys that are on the team with the Jazz.
** On his favorite Jazz memory growing up
My mom and dad sent me to bed one year when [John] Stockton hit that three against the Rockets to win it. And I remember they told me to go to bed, but I was at the top of the railing peeking down, watching the game. And that’s what I remember pretty vi–pretty, you know, well, is when Stockton hit that three against the Rockets. That was pretty fun. But I was a Bulls fan, though, growing up. [Michael] Jordan. So when they were against the Jazz, I mean, that was my team growing up.

perrin 619

** On Sam Dekker’s workout
I think Dekker got better as the workout went on. Personally, I think he might’ve been a little disappointed that Rondae wasn’t here, so I think he’s, started out a little slow but he picked it up as the workout went.
Were you disappointed that Rondae wasn’t here?
Extremely. ‘Cause we thought we had a pretty good workout with Rondae going against Sam and Sam going against Rondae, so, but you know, it happens. Can’t do anything about canceled flights.
What did you want to see from Dekker?
Wanted to see his shooting. I, Jazz 100 was pretty OK. Shot it pretty well. Not great. Showed he can get some improvement. Wanted to see him do some things off the dribble…I thought he had a pretty good workout.

Other Perrin Bits
** Draft pick he’s most proud of taking: Paul Millsap
** Rodney Hood’s agent wouldn’t let him work out with the Jazz last year
** Devin Booker’s agent wouldn’t let him work out with the Jazz
** Frank Kaminsky’s agent wouldn’t let him work out with the Jazz; the Jazz did not talk to Kaminsky in Chicago
** What is the Jazz 100?
It’s a drill that Dennis [Lindsey] kind of brought with him from San Antonio. We’ve kind of adapted it to what Quin’s offense is. It’s 100 threes from different positions on the court…If we think the big man cannot shoot the three, we’ll, we have a different drill for him, but he still takes 100 shots, but it’s more within 12 to 15 feet.

But the wing players, the guards, they take 100 threes from the corner, from the wing, from the top of the circle, and they get into the shot a little different on each event.

So, it’s 100 threes, and it’s a little tough for the guys, ’cause they’re not used to it. They get a little tired. It’s at the end of our workouts…It helps us decide whether or not a guy can be a pretty good shooter.We wanna see if he can keep his same shot for 100 shots, and see if it doesn’t break down. …

It’s high pressure in terms of the number of shots they got to take. We don’t give them a timeline–time limit, excuse me. And we don’t have to make them get into it really quick. So, but it puts a little pressure on them ’cause they know they gotta make — try to shoot 100 shots.

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  1. Alec permalink
    June 25, 2015 11:04 pm

    I’m praying, that they can avoid Dekker..


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