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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Michael Frazier II, Damarcus Harrison, Kevin Pangos and Travis Trice

June 17, 2015
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Also working out, but with no interviews posted: J.J. Avila (Colorado State) and Youssou Ndoye (St. Bonaventure)


** G – Florida – 6’4 – 199 – Junior – 21 years old
** What are you trying to show teams?
Just showing I can put the ball on the floor. Create my own shot. You know, get to the basket and defend multiple positions. You know, I think I’m doing that well in all my workouts, so I want to keep and continue.
** On people saying he came out too early
I didn’t surprise myself when I had a good combine. You know, I, when I made my decision, I knew it was the right decision for me, no matter what people thought. So you know, what I’m doing right now is no surprise. No surprise to me, no surprise to my family. It might be a surprise to other people that didn’t think I would, you know, be where I am today, but you know, you can’t listen to other people that don’t know what they’re talking about. You know, so I never really listened to any of that, and I just try to go out and show what I can do.


** G – Clemson – 6’4 – 205 – Senior – 23 years old
** First workout
** Comment on the altitude
Yeah, it had me winded. I, my lift started going during the little shooting at the end…Burns your chest a little bit.
** Do you think you’d be a good fit with the Jazz?
I think so. I like the style of play they play, and I think I’m a very versatile player. I can play, like, “one,” “two” and “three,” and I can guard one, two and three. And I think doing that, I can help the Jazz out a lot. Either coming off the bench or relieving some people, and li–things like that.
** What are you trying to show teams?
Being a more consistent shooter, I think. That’s the big, that’s a big part. I think I showed at Clemson I was a, really a elite defender, and a good ball-handler. But I think the things I want to show right, in these workouts, is I can shoot real good and make plays for other people.
** On his transfer to Clemson
I don’t have any regrets. I got to play in a very good conference in the ACC. Played against top talent, a lot of players that go into the NBA. So, I don’t have any regrets about that. It was a good experience.
** On his BYU exit
It was very tough mentally, because I was really not even playing basketball. I was focused on going on a mission. I had a job. I was, like, really just working nine to five every day…Getting that call that my mission was pushed back, and I was trying to ask to go back to BYU. It was very tough ’cause they told me that I didn’t have a scholarship. So, I was, like, just scrambling. I didn’t think I was gonna play anymore, and I thought my basketball career was pretty much gonna be over. But lucky enough, I was blessed enough to have a scholarship in my hometown. The coaches got in contact with me and they told me that they were taking me in. I was very blessed for the opportunity.


** G – Gonzaga – 6’2 – 182 – Senior – 22 years old
** Tenth workout; has three more
** What are you trying to show teams?
Just I can do more than shoot. You know, I can defend. I’m scrappy. I, you know, I can pass, get teammates open and stuff. So, just that I’m more than just a shooter.
** Did you talk to John Stockton before coming here?
I actually didn’t…I just knew I had to come in and work my tail off no matter what, so that’s what I tried to do.
** Is there any additional pressure playing point guard at Gonzaga because of John Stockton?
Not pressure. Expectation, maybe. But that’s what you enjoy as a basketball player. You know, there’s a lot of attention on you, and you know, just push you to perform your best. So, I wouldn’t say pressure. You know, it’s, that’s why I went there, though, because they had such a great history of point guards, and I wanted to be the next in line.


** G – Michigan State – 6’0 – 170 – Senior – 22 years old
** 13th workout; has three more
** How do you think you would fit in with the Jazz?
I feel like I would be a great fit. Just, they got a young team. Really athletic. Guys that really do well in space, so I feel like me being on “two” would be able to help space the floor out and kinda create lanes for them to drive.
** Talk about the adversity you went through your freshman year.
I went through a lot my freshman year, going into my sophomore year. Really didn’t know if I was gonna live or not, and it’s really, i–honestly, going through that changed my life. It’s made me appreciate everything so much more, the smaller things in life. And you really don’t appreciate something ’til you get it taken away from you, and I really have a appreciation for basketball that much more now.


** Michael Frazier, Travis Trice and Kevin Pangos shot the ball well
** Will Cummings from Temple has the highest score on the Jazz 100 shooting drill so far this year
** On Damarcus Harrison’s workout
He is a guy that can defend. He did, he had, showed very active hands defensively. Had a couple deflections, steals, even off the dribble, defensively. Needs to work on his shooting, but defensively, he could step in and play.

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  1. June 24, 2015 1:50 pm

    Random note: Walt told us later that it wasn’t Cummings who had the top score, it was someone else he got Cummings confused with. Can’t remember who he said, though. Sorry.


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