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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Jerian Grant, Olivier Hanlan, Mouhammadou Jaiteh, Trey Lyles and Myles Turner

June 14, 2015
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Also working out, but with no interviews posted: Cady Lalanne (UMass), Jonathan Holmes (Texas), Gabriel Olaseni (Iowa), Charles Jackson (Tennessee Tech), Kenneth Smith (Louisiana Tech), J.J. O’Brien (San Diego State) and Marcus Thornton (William and Mary)


** Notre Dame – G – 6’4 – 198 – Senior – 22 years old
** On being an older player in the draft
I talk [to teams] about maturity, and then, like you said, you know, I’m a guy who doesn’t, you know, is not gonna need three years to be able to crack the rotation. You know, at the same time, I’m only 22, so I’ll be able to get better, but I think I’ll be able to help a team right now.
** Would it worry you to come here given that the Jazz already have Dante Exum and Trey Burke on the roster?
No, not at all. You know, I think I’m a guy who can play with either one of those guys, and I think, you know, it’ll be good to have some young guys, you know, pushing each other.
** Do you have any good Jack Cooley stories?
What kind of teammate was he?
Great. You know, he does whatever the team needs to win. You know, if it’s, you know, score four points but grab 20 rebounds, you know, that’s the thing he’s gonna do. So you know, he works as hard as he can to do whatever he can for the team.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke”: Jerian Grant


** Boston College – G – 6’4 – 186 – Junior – 22 years old
** Comment on the altitude
This workout was kinda up-tempo. Obviously, you have to get used to the altitude a bit, but you know, it was fun.
How would you describe what the altitude feels like? Like a belt tightening around your chest?
Yeah, kinda belt tightening around your chest. You can get through, like, 10, 15 minutes, and then after that you kinda feel it for, you know, about 10 minutes. And after that you kinda get used to it, but nothing too crazy.
** What do you bring to an NBA team?
You know, I’m an aggressive point guard. You know, I attack the rim. I scored the ball pretty well in college, and I want to translate that to this level. Pretty good passer also, just off the pick and roll. You know, I love playing off the pick and roll.
** Are you worried about transitioning to a smaller role in the NBA?
I think I’ll be fine with that, because, you know, obviously at BC, I was playing, you know, 30-plus minutes a game, and obviously I was never getting subbed out, but…in prep school, sometimes I came off the bench, and the national team also. So, I’m used to, you know, having, being that dude and sometimes coming off the bench and kind of, you know, be an energy guy. So, I’ll be good.


** France – C – 6’11 – 247 – 20 years old
** Do you know Rudy Gobert?
Yeah, I know him a little bit from France. And he can give some advices, and what he did just like an example to follow.
** What was it like going against Myles Turner and guys like that?
I’m just focused about playing harder that I can, and giving my best every time. So, I don’t really like pay attention about who is in front of me or not. I just give all I have to give, and the workouts been pretty good for me. So, I just, I enjoy it.
** What are the differences between the NBA game and the international game?
[The NBA game] is more, it’s faster and athletic than Europe basketball. And the, I think it’s more on the one-on-one situation in the State than Europe. [The European game], it’s more about team, team plays.


** Kentucky – F – 6’10 – 241 – Freshman – 19 years old
** Fourth workout
** Comment on the altitude
I’ve been over here, in Denver and Utah, a few times, so I’ve been kind of used to it, when I was younger. And you know, really just tried to work out, ’cause I knew coming here, you know, the altitude was gonna, you know, hurt some guys. I wanted to try and set myself apart.
** What do you bring to an NBA team?
Just knowing how to play the game. Being a smart player. Team-first, like I said. A guy that can come in and make an instant threat on offense and defense, and a guy that just does whatever the coach needs from him.
** Do you notice a real young enthusiasm in Quin Snyder as a second-year head coach?
For sure. You know, he came out on the court and he was telling me things, and you know, talking to me, and I appreciate that. And it just shows that he has enthusiasm about the game, and he has enthusiasm about the guys.
** How big is Gordon Hayward still in Indiana?
You know, he’s from a different area than I am, so you know, we talk about different people.


** Texas – F/C – 7’0 – 239 – Freshman – 19 years old
** First workout
** Comment on the altitude
This was a great first workout, especially being out here in the altitude, man….I think [it’ll get] me acclimated pretty quickly, and I’m gonna do well once I, you know, get over to these other places ’cause I’ll be in better shape.
** What do you bring to an NBA team?
First thing I tell [teams] is my adaptability. I think I’ll be able to come here and learn right away. I mean, just learn about the NBA game. You know, do what they need me to do.
** Can you see yourself fitting in here?
Yeah, I definitely think I can play out here. Coming out here, getting, building a relationship with the coaching staff, it’s been, that’s been huge. You know, I’ve had a couple interviews with them in the past, you know, at the combine, you know, talked to them and I’m pretty sure my agent’s talked to them as well.
** Are you a “four” or a “five” in the NBA?
I mean, I’m more than capable of playing both positions. I’m comfortable doing both. You know, here, if you have someone like [Rudy] Gobert at the five and I play the four, or you got someone like Trevor Booker at the four, I can play the five. I feel like it’s interchangeable.


** On Myles Turner’s workout
I’ve seen him practice. I’ve seen him play. It was good to get him in here so we can take a look at a few different things. He is impressive. He’s a very talented kid. He’s got a pretty good upside, so you know, whoever’s, gets him’s gonna have something to work with. … He’s got a low-post game. He’s got ability to step out and shoot the jumpshot, so he’s what you call inside-outside guy.
Does he have the lateral speed to stay with a Trey Lyles in the NBA?
He could have a fe–a little problem on the perimeter ’cause Trey handles the ball pretty well. Moves really smooth, so, but I mean, if you’re talking i–Myles guarding somebody else who’s a bigger four like he is, he probably could handle it.
** What have you seen from Trey Lyles that you didn’t see when he was at Kentucky?
Well, Trey’s one of those guys I’ve seen, I saw a few times before he even went to Kentucky, so I saw him outside that system at Kentucky, where he wasn’t able to do a lot of different things. So I’ve seen a lot, and it was good to get, again, to get him in here and look at some other things.

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