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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 6/10

June 11, 2015
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randy rigby

Tell us about the dynamic of what the summer league can mean for your team.
We’ve got a great lineup of teams, between Philadelphia, the 76ers, the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and the Jazz. So, we’ll have of course two games on, it’ll be July 6, 7. On the 8th, we’ll be off, and then we play again on the 9th.

So we’re gonna have two games each day on this, on those three days. And literally for our fans, for $15, you can buy a pass, to see two games every day, for three days. It’s a killer deal, and there’s gonna be some great basketball being played. …

And then on the off-day, we have actually lined up as well, that we’re gonna have a coach’s clinic for all of the high school, men’s and women’s high school coaches in the state, to also come up and hear from people like Quin Snyder, Jerry Sloan, Phil Johnson. Dave Rose from the Uni–from BYU’s gonna be up there.

And, so it’s going to be, and then we’re going to have a great festival atmosphere on the plaza before the games, of sports courts, and blow-up doll*–blow-up activities on the concourse. We’re gonna have foods, carts out there, a rea–we’re gonna have a lot of fun.

* Yes, this really happened.

How was it determined which teams would play in the Jazz summer league?
We actually invited teams, and reached out to teams, and told them we’re starting to do this. We’re not trying to take away from what’s happening in Las Vegas. This is a complementary summer league prior to, also, the summer league in Vegas…We invited all the NBA teams, and these three teams have stepped up.

Update on players’ bodies
We’ve s–we’ve had some very positive reports. Rudy [Gobert] has been out. I saw Rudy earlier this week. Looks very good. He is, looks like he has added some strength and a little weight, in a positive way.

The report I just got as well on Dante [Exum] is, is that he’s actually put on about six pounds of muscle and upper-body strength, which i–we’ve always, we felt that he’s needed to do that. And you know, as you look at, if you’ve met Dante’s parents, his father is a good-sized man. And that, we’ve always felt like Dante was one that, to continue to maybe even add some height and m–and of course, more muscle, and he seems to be doing that, and working hard and improving.

I’ve had good reports on a number of our players, that are also continuing in their gr–their development, and their workout. Derrick Favors has been in town, and we’ve seen him regularly at the practice facility, and involved. So, we’re really excited about the growth and the improvement of the team. As I talk with the players, they’re very excited, and very, there seems to be a quiet hunger and fire burning in each of our players.

On the changes Gordon Hayward’s body has recently undergone
We’re very excited and happy that we’ve added another person into the Jazz family. Gordon and Robyn gave birth to a little baby girl, Bernadette Marie Hayward. (1280)

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  1. brian permalink
    June 12, 2015 12:16 am

    blow-up doll? hahahaha


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