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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Norman Powell, Chasson Randle and Josh Richardson

June 10, 2015
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Also working out, but with no interviews posted: Ryan Boatright (Connecticut), Dustin Hogue (Iowa State) and Sir’Dominic Pointer (St. John’s)


** UCLA – G – 6’4 – 215 – Senior – 22 years old
** Eighth workout
** Comment on the altitude
I’ve played up here multiple times against Utah. But yeah, I haven’t been up here since the season, so it got to me a little bit but I was able to push through. I was conditioning myself to be in great shape, so it didn’t affect me too much.
** Why would you be a good fit for the Jazz?
I’m young. I’m athletic. I play defense; two-way player. Definitely take pride in locking guys down, and getting out in transition and putting pressure on opposing teams to be able to get to the rim and finish over the big. So, I think every team needs a guy like me — a guy who’s got a lot of heart, desire, and the will to get better and be great.
** What comes to mind when you think about the Jazz franchise?
I’ve been a, I watched the Jazz all the time. You know, I watched the battles between [Michael] Jordan and John Stockton and Karl Malone. You know, those are games I always watch and study and, to see how passionate those guys are, and how hard they work and the work ethic to be great. You know, and the Utah Jazz is a great organization.


** Stanford – G – 6’2 – 179 – Senior – 22 years old
** What do you like about the Jazz as a franchise? It’s young top to bottom; you know, second-year head coach coming in.
Yeah, like you said, they’re young, but they got a lot of talent. A lot of history within this organization. And I think things are going in the uprise for them.
** Will NBA spacing help your game?
Absolutely. Yeah, I think, you know, the width of the lane will definitely help my game, and spacing is key in basketball. So, at the next level, I think it’ll help.
** 87 questions about the Pac-12


** Tennessee – G – 6’6 – 200 – Senior – 21 years old
** What do you bring?
I think just versatility, and a guy that can, you know, come in and get stops, and knock down the open shot. And play-make, if I need to.
** Is it difficult to adjust to the NBA 3-pointer?
Yeah, it was at first, but I mean, we been shooting it for a couple, probably, a month or two now. So, it’s getting a lot easier.
What about going from zone to man-to-man defense?
A little bit. Just, you know, from playing it so long, the principles are different. But I’ve been getting back into the mode of, you know, straight up man-to-man, so I’ve been figuring it out.
** What do you think about the storied history of the Utah Jazz?
The what?
The storied history.
Oh, I think it’s great. I mean, John Stockton, [Karl] Malone. Pete Maravich is probably one of my favorite guys to, like, you know, look at the film, ’cause you know, he was just, like, the original. So I mean, the Jazz have a long, great history.


** How do you think Josh Richardson will do playing man-to-man in the NBA?
We’ve got tapes going back to, or Synergy going back to when he was a freshman when they played man-to-man quite a bit, so him playing zone last year doesn’t have that much of an effect, ’cause we do have a lot of video we can watch on, that he can play man-to-man. And he was a very good defender. So, it doesn’t matter. I mean, it’s, the ones we have concerns with, or, shouldn’t be concerns, but the ones we have to really dig deep is, like, a Syracuse, ’cause they always play zone. But with Cuonzo Martin at Tennessee before they brought in Donnie [Tyndall], he played man.
** How much has Norman Powell improved over his college career?
I think his shot has gotten better. I think he’s learned how to play a little bit better. He’s always been a guy who played with great intensity, and he’s been a fairly good defender. So, I mean, he’s gotten a little bit better.
** What’s it been like working with Quin Snyder through these sessions and getting to know him better?
I knew Quin when Quin was in high school. I rec–we recruited Quin, so I’ve known Quin many, many years. So, but being able to work with him’s been great, ’cause he’s a very knowledgable guy. He knows what he wants, what he’s looking for, so it helps us. And he’s been great in terms of talking with certain players and talking with the coaches on what he wants out of them.

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  1. June 10, 2015 9:23 pm

    the walt perrin pictures are killing me.

    • June 11, 2015 7:09 am

      Would you believe you’re not the first person to say that? ;)


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