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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Quinn Cook, Montrezl Harrell and Terran Petteway

June 8, 2015

Also working out, but with no interviews posted: Kenny Chery (Baylor), Darrun Hillard (Villanova) and Maurice Walker (Minnesota)


** Duke – G – 6’2 – 179 – Senior – 22 years old
** Comment on the altitude
It’s different. It’s different. I think guys caught our second wind, and we competed out there.
** On the workout
Guys were picking up things, picking up plays. It’s the first place I’ve been to where the coaches were giving us, you know, set plays and we had to run them or execute them, so you know, all six of us did a great job out there.
** Did you talk to Rodney Hood about the workout?
Yeah, I called him to see if he was out here, maybe we could’ve got some food or something…He just told me [the altitude] is a mental thing. You know, if you in shape, you will be in shape. And you know, once I caught my second wind, I remembered what he said. And you know, he gave me some great advice for the day.


** Louisville – F – 6’8 – 253 – Junior – 21 years old
** Comment on the altitude
It’s definitely tough, being at this altitude. You know, something that you’re not used to. Something that you don’t have in your training to go through every day, you know, but I feel like we definitely got in here and got out there, you know, even though we haven’t been accustomed to these altitude change.
** On winning the 2015 Karl Malone Award
It was a great feeling, you know, actually to be up there and accept the award. And you know, just to be able to talk to him and kinda get some insight and knowledge on the game that, you know, he’s played multiple years of and been so successful at. You know, so it’s hon–it was honestly and truly a blessing…He said play with the same passion and energy that you have every night. You know, when you, in a game situation or in practice situation, you know, let, make your presence be known.
** Is it weird working out with someone from Kentucky (Trey Lyles)?
I mean, it’s not. You know, that’s moreso the things that’s on college terms. I went to Louisville; he went to Kentucky. You know, that’s more the rivalry that you keep in school type things, but you know, outside of it, it’s a whole different world. You know, it’s a whole different ball game. It’s all about getting to the next level and we both trying to become great players in the NBA. So, I mean, it’s not, honestly, it doesn’t bother me. Like I said, that’s moreso the college thing. But we’re not in college anymore.
** What’s it like to shatter a backboard?
It’s a great feeling. I was blessed and able to, be able to take down three…I did one in high school. I did two this past summer.


** Nebraska – F – 6’6 – 209 – Junior – 22 years old
** Comment on the altitude
It was fine. You know, it’s a little different. You know, hard to breathe. Had to wait for that second wind to come in, but it was a good workout so far.
** Are you a point guard or shooting guard at the next level?
I’m a 2-guard, but I feel like I’m very versatile so I can play the “one” through the “three” if any team needs me to do that.
** Which NBA player do you pattern your game after?
If I had to pick, it’d be, like, a guy like Latrell Sprewell. But I really just try to come in, you know, bring a lot of energy to the game, and just try to be myself. I really don’t try to compare myself to anybody else in the league.
** On Montrezl Harrell, UDQM
He got a hot motor. That’s what I like about him. He keeps going no matter what.


** On Montrezl Harrell
You know, I think Montrezl is a, is one of those players that, you know, 3-on-3 is good, but I think a 5-on-5 fullcourt is better for his skillset. He’s a high-energy guy. He’s a athletic player, and sometimes when you’re in a halfcourt, 3-on-3 situation, you don’t get a chance to see his, what he does very well…He shoots the ball very well on the move. He probably needs a little bit of, a little bit more work on his spot-up, standstill jumpshot…He’s a power dunker, yeah. He gets some oohs and aahs when he puts the ball in the basket.
** On Quinn Cook’s ability to guard bigger guys
Well, his size is not, he’s not that bad. He’s listed at 6-2. He’s got good strength, so he should be able to guard bigger guys. [The question is], can he stay in front of quicker guards?..With most college guys, there’s some things they need to learn defensively once they come to our level, and he’s just like everybody else.

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