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Bits from Dennis Lindsey (6/4) and Quin Snyder (6/5) Interviews

June 7, 2015
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On his presence on Twitter
I lurk and read, but I don’t contribute for a lot of reasons. I’m getting some grief on that.

If the Jazz staff had a 3-point shootout, who is your money on? Is it on yourself?
No, no, I’m old. I’ve got a–

Yeah, but the motion never leaves you, Dennis. It’s that muscle memory. You’ve been shooting all your life.

No, that left ankle is bad. It’s garbage. I can barely get to the rim. People don’t realize until you get up to an NBA line how far that shot is, and how athletic and how good of shape you need to be, and how healthy you need to be.

And in my case, I can be a hack out there, but there’s no question tha–from a 3-point shooting competition standpoint, Johnnie Bryant will be leading the pack. He’s a, he was an excellent shooter at the [University of Utah], and Johnnie’s done a good job of keeping himself fit. So, I’m afraid that contest wouldn’t even be close.

Who you got winning the Finals?
I’d never wor–had the pleasure to work with Steve Kerr, but I got to know him well just through the San Antonio connections.

And David Blatt has actually become a friend of mine as well, just through international travel. And David and the Russian national team practiced at our practice facility to qualify for the Olympics when I was back in San Antonio. So, I’ve become quite fond of him as well.

So I’m going to stay away from who I want to win, and I’m just an interested observer.

I think, I do think Golden State has had the best season, and I think their level’s very high. But I also think that LeBron James’ greatness cannot ever be underestimated, and, ’cause he, along with Kyrie Irving and what has become a very good group of role players for Cleveland that really fit. That mid-season trade, they’re a different team with [Timofey] Mozgov and J.R. Smith and even [Iman] Shumpert.

So I think it’s gonna go seven. And I think if you looked at the numbers, they would tell you that Golden State would be the favorite there. (700)


On his summer vacation
We went down to Florida for a little while. My wife’s family is down there, and did the obligatory trip to Disney with the kids, which, I’m not sure that was a vacation, that, for those of you that have done that. I wasn’t aware of what I was getting into, but it was fun.

How good can Rudy Gobert be, and how much of that is up to him and how much is up to you?
I think it’s a partnership, you know? I think, you know, I think one of Rudy’s assets is he’s, his intelligence, you know, so you know, he needs to take ownership of his development. We need to work with him, ’cause i–you know, it’s his game, and it’s our team, and it’s his team. So I think the thing that, you know, it really is a partnership.

The thing that you get excited about with Rudy, frankly, to me, is, in addition to his intelligence and obviously his physical gifts, is his competitiveness. So, I think he’ll improve. I think you’ll see him — it’s a little bit like our team, though. We don’t, you know, Rudy’s got time. He’s gonna develop but I think it’s a question of getting a foundation and taking one step at a time.

You know, you saw what he did with his free throws last year. You know, I think he’ll continue to — you saw what he did with his passing. His body’s gonna get better. So, Rudy’s got so many areas where he’s capable of improving that it’s exciting, but it’s hard to do ’em all at once. And I don’t want him to get ahead of himself with that.

You know, a lot of the specific things he needs to improve on, the most important ones have to do him performing for our team in the game, and fortunately I think those things are lined up pretty frequently.

Is all that true for Dante Exum as well?
I almost said that when you — when I was talking about it with Rudy, and I think it’s very true. It’s maybe, in some ways, a little harder for Dante because of the position that he’s playing, and you know, what he’s asked to do for other people on the floor.

We’re, you know, he’s back right now. We’ve been in the gym. I think we’ve got some, pretty rigorous schedule for him, with shooting separately from a lot of his playing, you know, just the general skill work. And he’s working on his body, and you know, he’s had a really good couple weeks.

And we got committed guys, you know? That’s part of the reason you don’t wanna just say, oh, you know, “We gotta go find this today,” because I think, I got a lotta faith in our guys’ ability, and it’s just, to work and get better, and until we see that that’s not the case, I think it’s wise for us to keep believing and grinding on the guys we got, as long as they’re as committed as we want them to be.

Were you satisfied with what you saw from Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors this past year?
You know, unequivocally I want more. I mean, I’m absolutely thrilled with the year they had, just because of the way they went and got it. They bought in; they were committed; they worked. But I think both of them have a chance to take some steps.

I mean, it may not be as obvious because, you know, it gets to a point as a player where those incremental gains become harder. But I think both of those guys can take steps. I think, I’d like to think that this off-season for them is gonna be different than previous off-seasons they’ve had…

I think we’ll start to get really specific about the things where they can really, you know, make the most progress to. (1280)

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