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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Aaron Harrison and Trevor Lacey

June 6, 2015
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Also working out, but with no interviews posted: Phil Greene IV (St. John’s), Yanick Moreira (SMU), Jaleel Roberts (UNC Ashville) and Dez Wells (Maryland)


** Kentucky – G – 6’6 – 209
** Fifth workout
** Comment on the altitude
You gotta get used to the altitude, definitely.
** What do you bring?
Definitely a hard worker. A great scorer, and definitely a winner. I’d do anything to win, and play really hard, so.
** Are you and your brother communicating a lot through this process?
I guess. I mean, we talk, like, once a day, and just see how we, how each other’s doing. Not nothing too much.
** Who was your favorite player growing up?
Allen Iverson, definitely.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke”: Aaron Harrison


** North Carolina State – G – 6’3 – 210
** Fifth workout; has six more.
** Comment on the altitude
Had to adjust to the altitude. You know, thin air, hard to breathe a little bit. But once I got adjusted to that, you know, it was all fun…Worked out in a high-altitude mask before, but it’s still not the same as, you know, actually going through a workout.
** What did you want to show today?
My scoring ability. Me handling the ball as a point guard; passing the ball. Just really my all-around game. A lot of people know me for scoring the ball. You know, showing that I can, you know, facilitate and get others involved also.
** Talk about the draft workout process.
Oh yeah, it’s fun, I mean, just because, you know, this is your dream and this what it takes to reach your ultimate goal. It’s a little difficult far as, you know, adjusting to time zones and you know, flying around and then having to wake up the next day for a workout, but you know, you don’t have anything else to do. It’s not like I have class and then workouts and all that. So this is right now, is my, a full-time job and I’m willing to take it on, head-on.
** What do you know about the Utah Jazz?
I know just a little bit. Not that much. I mean, Trey Burke, Alex Burke, the big kid in the middle. That’s pret–the kid that went to Butler. [Gordon] Hayward. Yeah, yeah. Know a little bit about the Jazz, not that much. Young team, up and coming. Know a little history. [John] Stockton and Karl Malone, but other than that, you know, it’s, know some of the younger guys that’s on the team right now.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alex Burke”: Trevor Lacey

507 perrin

** On Aaron Harrison’s workout
He showed the ability to get to the basket, use his size and strength. He did that well. Again, you know, with most kids, gotta figure out ho–you know, how well will they be able to play defense at their position, and he’s got the strength. Gotta work on the quickness, probably…[He didn’t shoot] as well as he, as I thought he was going to shoot. I think he was, I mean, the shots he missed were right on line. He wasn’t off left or right. It was just a little short, just a little bit off, maybe left or right, but a couple went in and out, so. He shot it well during the 3-on-3, but in our Jazz 100, he didn’t shoot as well as I hoped, and I’m sure as well as he had hoped he would’ve shot.
** On Yanick Moreira’s workout
Yanick shot it well from the 15-foot area; competed real well.

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  1. June 7, 2015 8:05 am

    Any chance to get age/year in college in the stat line as well? Not sure how hard that would be.


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