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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Pat Connaughton, Kevon Looney and Bobby Portis

June 5, 2015

Also working out, but with no interviews posted: Andre Hollins (Minnesota), Malcolm Miller (Holy Cross) and Deonta Stocks (West Georgia)


** Notre Dame – G/F – 6’5 – 215
** Comment on the altitude
The altitude wasn’t as bad as I, you know, expected it to be, as bad as everyone talked it up. So, maybe I was just expecting a little worse, but it was fun. I enjoyed it.
** On basketball vs. baseball
You know, for me, I’m just gonna be basketball 100 percent, you know, from here on out until, you know, I get kicked out of the league or don’t make the league, whatever that ends up being. I think, you know, obviously I have a love for both sports, but you know, when you look at it, you know, with all the time and effort I put into basketball, and you know, the athleticism and stuff you need for basketball is something I, you know, I feel like I have to do first. It’s something I want to do first…If someone was just like, hey, maybe go to Europe for a few years and you know, try to come back in a little while, I think that’s where, you know, I kind of draw the line. That’s where it’d probably be, with having a business degree from Notre Dame, it’s probably be financially unsavvy of me to, you know, just go over there when I can stay here [in the D-League].
** Do you have a relationship with Jack Cooley?
Absolutely. Me and Jack played together for two years. I was just talking to him before the workout. You know, it’s no surprise to me the success that he’s having. I mean, he was always one of the hardest working guys, and it’s just cool to hear, you know, about the Utah Jazz from his perspective being on the team.
** Which NBA player do you pattern your game after?
You know, for me, I think it’s Wesley Matthews. I think, you know, if you look at the way, you know, he kinda came up through the ranks — you know, he even went undrafted. He was a guy that’s about similar size to me. Similar height, similar, you know, weight, and you know, he’s obviously developed his shooting. He’s obviously been able to develop other things. You know, defend, you know, rebound, handle the ball, things of that nature.
** What was it like working with Quin Snyder?
It was fun. I mean, you learn so much. I think, you know, the biggest thing for me is just learning things I can work on my game, and just, you know, working with him for a short period of time, it was amazing the things that I learned.

connaughton tweet



** UCLA – F – 6’9 – 222
** First week of workouts; has eight more
** Comment on the altitude
It was pretty tough. I mean, it was, this is my second time playing here, and the first time I played terrible when I came to Utah. So I did a little better today, this time. But it was, it’s always tough breathing out here, so it was tough to get through the workout but I finished pretty well.
** Which parts of your game do you need to improve?
Everybody wants to, wants you to work on your body. It’s all, whole, enough, different physicality at the next level, and another speed. And they want me to continue to work on my shooting. They want me to be able to stretch the floor out, and space it out for other, for the centers down there. And they want me to be able to defend, so work on my defense.
** What do you know about the Utah Jazz?
I know a lot, actually. I always grew up watching the Western Conference playoffs. I watched the Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer era with Jerry Sloan. They was, always made it to the Western Conference Finals. I know about the John Stockton-Karl Malone, and my dad used to always talk about Adrian Dantley and all them guys back in the day. So, I know a little bit about the Jazz.
** What impressed you about the Utah Jazz coaching staff?
They’re, they really pay attention to detail. They really helped me out a lot on my shooting, it’s, my footwork even in the short time here. So they, they’re really helpful and real good coaches and I improved since I’ve been here.
** Which NBA players do you like to watch?
I like to watch Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge, and, just because they’re so good and I’m built sort of like them guys.
** What do the Utah Utes have in store for them against UCLA next year?
I see two losses for the Utah Utes.


** Arkansas – F – 6’11 – 246
** Fourth workout; has eight more. Phoenix before Utah and Detroit after.
** Comment on the altitude
It was kinda tough in the beginning, ’cause you know, the altitude is kinda different from here than Arkansas…but you know, I got through it and I feel like it was a productive day.
** What did you want to show today?
You know, that I’m a competitor, and that, like, I like to go out here and just, you know, play as hard as I can, you know, and then just, like, show my versatility…That, like, I can face up, I can back down people on the block, and you know, I can make a jumper.
** Which NBA player do you pattern your game after?
Three players, actually. I like Kevin Garnett, because you know, he brings that certain edge…I like Tristan Thompson because he’s motivated…I like Chris Bosh because, you know, he always plays off the pick and roll real well.


** On Kevon Looney’s workout
He did well. He did real well. Matter of fact, he did couple extra drills, in terms of shooting, and he got through them all. So he did real well…He looked like he was moving as well as he ha–he’s always has.
** On Pat Connaughton’s workout
Pat played well. Shot it well. Competed, which he does every day…Before the combine, he played pretty well at Portsmouth too, so yes, he has been building on the way he’s been playing. Been playing better.
** Can Bobby Portis be a stretch four in the NBA?
He has some work he has to do to become a stretch four…Some of it is related to [his shot/stroke/release]. We got to, as a staff, as a coaching staff, they’ve got to take a look at it and see how much it can be worked in terms of changing it, tweaking it a little bit. Probably a little bit of pace also, in terms of his shot.
** On Portis’ defense
He was able to show he can move his feet. He can get, probably, a little bit stronger, but yeah, he showed us some of the things we needed to see.
** On the Looney-Portis matchup, UDQM
Kevon has an advantage in a certain aspect on the floor, and Bobby has an advantage in a different ass–area on the floor.

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