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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Nedim Buza, Lucas Dias Silva, Tyler Haws, TaShawn Thomas, Sam Thompson and Alan Williams

June 2, 2015
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** Bosnia – F – 6’7 – 190
** First workout; has two more this week and three or four next week
** Comment on the altitude
Actually, it’s kinda heavy breathing here, because it’s, I think it’s higher here than in my country.
** What do you bring to an NBA team?
It’s shooting before everything, but I’m trying to do the, all the things. You know, trying to play defense, rebound, making good plays. So I’m not just want to be a shooter.
** Do you want to come to the NBA right away or spend a few more years in Europe?
I think I will spend a couple of years in Europe. So, if somebody draft me this year, maybe in two, three years, I will come to NBA…I have a buyout.
What would you gain from a few more years in Europe?
I think experience, because I didn’t play in a tough league, you know, in my home country. I want to play in the better league in Europe, maybe Eurocup or Euroleague, and establish myself there as a player, then come to U.S.
** Which NBA player would you compare yourself to?
I’m trying to have my own style, but the guys that I’m looking their games is, like, Gordon Hayward from Utah. Chandler Parsons, Danilo Gallinari. Guys like that.

dias silva

** Brazil – F – 6’9 – 210
** Third workout. Worked out for San Antonio and Houston before Utah. Headed to Dallas, Portland and a mini-camp in Italy next.
** On the workout
So, it was really intense, from the start, throughout all the measurements and everything, it was really intense. It was a lot of fun. It was a good workout.
** How has the language barrier affected your workouts?
He says that it’s difficult when there’s nobody there to translate for him and he’s just gotta keep his head up and think positive thoughts, that it helps when there’s someone there. He hasn’t had as many people there to help him, but that he keeps his head up and he’s still able to get through it, and basketball’s a universal language.
** Who has he relied on to help him through this process?
So, he has a friend named George [“Georginho” Lucas Alves de Paula] who’s on his team, his national team, that he works out with in Brazil, and they’re going through this right now. He’s actually on another team today. And so, they talk back and forth about their experiences and everything, and it’s been really cool, is what he says.


** BYU – G – 6’5 – 195
** Third workout. Has worked out for Phoenix and Dallas; headed to Los Angeles (Lakers), Golden State, Memphis and Brooklyn next
** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
You know, there’re certain things I’m trying to prove. I’m trying to prove that I can score from the 3-point line. You know, I, my game’s kind of the mid-range game, but I’m a scorer and I believe I can help any team score. And trying to prove that.
** Are teams looking at you as a “one” or a “two”?
I think I’m a two, but I, you know, the NBA game, you have to be able to handle the ball, and so many teams use the ball screen. And so, I’m getting more and more comfortable every day with that, and hopefully I can be a threat from there.
** On questions about his ability to defend bigger perimeter guys
Yeah, I think there are some questions. Guys want to see that out of me, but you know, my workouts so far, I feel like I’ve proven that and I’ve tried to build my body the right way so I can be moving laterally quick, and be strong that way.
** How did your career at BYU prepare you for this opportunity?
You know, a lot of guys will look at a four-year person in college as a negative thing, and I don’t think so. I wouldn’t trade my experience at BYU for anything, and I feel like I’m NBA-ready, you know, mentally and physically, and I’m confident I can play.


** Oklahoma – F – 6’8 – 240
** Comment on the altitude
[There was] a lot of running. It was just kinda crazy, ’cause of the air. You know, kinda hard to get used to, but as you get your second wind, you know, it kinda, you know, you get back to how you are, and you’re good and y–it’s not really a big problem.
** Who do you model your game after?
I’m very versatile. That’s my skill. You know, I can dribble the ball a lot better than a lot of guy–I can push in transition, you know, find, make plays for guys. I can pass really well. And a lot of people that say I play like, is, a lot like Draymond Green. You know, that’s what I get compared a lot, it’s, through the draft process.
** What do you know about the Utah Jazz?
I know that the team’s very young. You know, they got a lotta guys that, I think the last year, they had a lot of injuries, I think, I’m not sure. But I know they got a lotta young guys, and I think I fit in well ’cause, you know, I’m willing to learn and learn from the guys that just basically got done doing what I’m gonna have to do in this next year. So, I think I’ll fit in very well.
** Talk about this process.
It’s fun, but at the same time, you gotta be on your toes. You know, like, it’s fun getting to go, you know, to all these facilities [and] seeing John Stockton’s name, you know, Karl Malone name, and a thing like that. You know, every team has their stars. So you know, it’s fun getting able to see that, but when you get out here, you still gotta handle your business. You know, you can’t ha–you can’t take your eyes off the prize.


** Ohio State – F – 6’7 – 200
** What do you bring to an NBA team?
You know, right now, I think that I’m a top-level defender. You know, obviously I have to learn the NBA game and the tricks of the trade, but I think my biggest asset right now would be on the defensive edge. You know, I think that I’m a versatile defender, can guard multiple positions. I really make it difficult for guys on the offensive end. And on the offensive side of the ball, you know, I continue to make strides with my jumper. Continuing to make plays. Just use my athleticism to make a difference.
** How did Tyler Haws do?
Did well. You know, he was, he has kind of a unique game. He could score in, you know, in a lot of ways. He has the wild-leg runners, the fadeaway off one leg, stuff like that. So, he’s a good player. He did well today. He competed hard. He played hard. He did his thing.


** UC Santa Barbara – C – 6’8 – 261
** Do you feel comfortable defending outside the paint?
Yes. I’m a really quick learner, so anything that they teach me, I can pick up pretty fast. And I’m pretty confident with the work that I’ve put in in this pre-draft process to kinda move laterally more quickly and to be able to defend those guards out there for short periods of time, so.
** What’s your shooting range now and where do you think you can extend it to?
About 15 to 17 feet now, and I think that’s right where they want it to be. They don’t want those long twos anymore. They say that’s the worst shot in basketball…So I’m knocking down that 15- to 17-foot-range jumpshot with confidence. And who knows, maybe someday the 3-point line, but I’m not too worried about that right now in this pre-draft process. Just really worried about knocking down that 15- to 17-foot jumpshot so I can keep the defense honest.
** How comfortable are you defending a 6-10, athletic player?
I feel extremely comfortable. I feel like my physicality can really give guys fits, no matter how tall they are. And I think that I can box them out or push them away from the basket on that second shot attempt to get that defensive rebound.


** On Tyler Haws’ workout
I have no problems or concerns that he can shoot the NBA three. He shot a few at BYU…[It] would be extremely tough [for him to guard 6-6 or 6-8 guys on the perimeter]. I’m more worried about somebody at 6-4, 6-5 for him right now, trying to defend…There’s been maybe a little bit of concern that he’s a little bit older than normal seniors, so there’s maybe less of a life span in terms of his career…Tyler’s not a very vocal player, and sometimes at 2-guard, you don’t expect that. You like to see that more with the point guards. But you know, he was vocal. He was helpful with his teammates. But you, yeah, you would, one of Quin [Snyder]’s biggest things with our team is communication, so we like guys who like to talk, and that’s what I’m looking for.
Do you see him as a one or a two?
How about his ability to stay in front of twos?
Needs to work on it.
What’s keeping Haws from being a draftable player, if that’s the case?
Well, I think, again, some teams will look at age. Some teams will look at size. He’s not very big for a 2-guard. Not very long for a 2-guard. But everybody’s looking for shooting, so if teams look at Tyler and think he can play the two and guard the two, then he’ll get an opportunity.
** On Sam Thompson’s workout
Sam, unfortunately, tweaked a muscle somewhere during practice, so he wasn’t his, 100 percent throughout the whole workout. Struggled a little bit on his 3-point shooting, but I think his injury hurt — it was bothering him a little bit. He needs to work on his shooting. That’s a concern going into, or [while] watching him this year, and it’s still a concern.
** On Nedim Buza’s workout
I agree with his assessment [that he would benefit from a few more years in Europe]. I think it would help him more playing in a higher level. He’s got some skills. He’s a very intriguing player. So, he’s probably correct in his assessment of himself, which is good to hear.
What makes him intriguing?
He’s not a bad shooter. He does a good job of preparing for his shot. He’s not a bad athlete. And he’s a young kid, so he’s got growth.
** On Alan Williams’ workout
He didn’t do a bad job tonight, or today, excuse me, with going against TaShawn, in terms of movement. So, it looks like he may be able to [guard on the perimeter]…His offensive game has always been basically back to the basket. If I remember right, I think he shot pretty well with our big-man shooting. Didn’t do many threes, but…he showed his touch.

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