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Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Dallin Bachynski, Kendall Gray, Hugh Greenwood, Ryan Harrow, Tyler Harvey, and Tyler Kalinoski

May 28, 2015
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** Utah – C – 7’0 – 265
** First workout. Will try to play in Europe if NBA doesn’t work out.
** Patterns his game after Dirk Nowitzki
** Comment on the altitude
The one thing that helped me was the altitude, being used to it a little bit and being able to get up and down. But the other guys did a really good job keeping in shape, and it was competitive all day.
** What are the parts of your game you can show NBA teams that you weren’t able to show in college?
I feel like I can shoot better from the perimeter than I was able to this last year. I’m able to shoot a college three, even though coach [Larry] K[rystkowiak] didn’t want me to. We had plenty of guys to do that, so I’m more than willing to hit that 18-footer that was open most of the year for us. I also am able to take the ball a little bit to the rim, dribbling — at least moreso than I did this last year with the ball mostly in Delon [Wright]’s hands and me setting screens for him. So, those are a couple things I know I can do a lot better than I was able to at Utah.
** What has been Larry Krystkowiak’s take on this process for you?
Coach K has been as supportive as he can. He’d always ask me if there’s anything he could do for me. I know that when Utah as well as a couple of other teams have called the coaches, he’s been willing to speak well about me, and just speak the truth about me. Because not only am I a decent basketball player, but I feel like I’m a decent person as well, which makes it a lot easier than having to deal with a, some immature guys or guys that just haven’t dealt with any real struggles in life.


** Delaware State – C – 6’10 – 240
** What do you bring?
I’m definitely a rebounder and a high-energy guy. Just bringing my energy and defensive intensity to the game. You know, sorta like a Tristan Thompson t–like, in a, that’s what I showcase.
** Talk about chasing your dream.
It’s a great feeling. It’s something I always dreamed of. Coming into college freshman year, I seen fellow classmates of different schools, like Kyle O’Quinn, come through the same process from Norfolk City. And I was just like, man, I wanna be like this guy. Like, he’s been doing it. He won a [Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference] championship, which I was unfortunate not to get one. But he definitely set the path, and I’m just, it’s just a dream. I wake up every day, traveling city to city. Like, man, I’m really doing this.


** New Mexico – G – 6’3 – 205
** First workout
** Comment on the altitude
Missed some shots. A little bit, I think just a bit of anxious, bit of nerves, bit of this and that; coming back to altitude. But I’m not making excuses. Just, like I said, just had fun.
** Have you talked to Dante Exum or Joe Ingles?
I saw Dante [Exum] walk through. I heard he was out in California but I saw him walk past, so I’ll try and catch up with him. And Joe and I have had a good relationship for a number of years now. So he reached out to me. I told him I was gonna raid whatever he left in his locker, so — he’s size 13 as well, so I’m gonna have to have a look around. But no, he gave me some words of advice.
What were said words of advice?
Just play hard. Play hard, work hard, which is, it’s second nature to us Aussies. You know, we play hard. It’s how we get this far. And just to experience, just have fun. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be here, and it’s an honor to be here, so just have fun.
** On raising breast cancer awareness
It means a lot. It’s something I’m very, very passionate about. Obviously, my mum battling incurable second-degree breast cancer, so it’s a priority in my life. She, my family and her are my priority. Basketball’s, comes second, and being able to give back to my community in New Mexico — obviously being from Australia, it’s a long way from home, but New Mexico is my home. And to raise $65,000 for local research and facilities and patients was huge for me, and it’s in honor of my mum and in honor of everyone that’s battled breast cancer…If we can provide and help patients and their families as much as we can in the meantime [until there is a cure], it’s gonna help in the long run and that’s why my mum is still here today. She had a great support network, great treatment, great care. I’m trying to emulate that in New Mexico.
How long will you keep growing the hair?
I’ve become attached to it. I was meant to shave it off towards the end of the season, but became a little bit of attached. Raised a lot of money, so I think when we hit a certain goal, I’ll eventually shave it off. In the meantime, I like it. Mum likes it too, so whatever she says goes. So, hold on to it for awhile.
** On people calling Matthew Dellavedova a dirty player
Hey, no, no. He’s, the crazy thing, you ask Dante, you ask Joe. He’s literally the nicest guy I’ve ever met. And there’s a difference between playing dirty and playing hard. I think if you went back and watch my play, it’s, you know, I play hard. I don’t think it’s dirty. I don’t think Delly plays dirty. I think he just plays hard…You gotta be willing to put your body on the line. It’s guys who go in half-hearted that end up getting hurt. Delly doesn’t go in half-hearted. He jumps guys on loose balls, and fortunately — I mean, his teammates stick up for him, and that’s all that matters. His teammates are around him. At the end of the day, he’s playing well. He’s not just injuring guys. He’s actually playing at a high level, scoring double-digit points every night. So, he’s just playing hard.


** Georgia State – G – 6’2 – 160
** Comment on the altitude
It’s definitely tough for me. This only my second time playing somewhere like this. During the season, we played at Colorado State and I don’t even think that’s this high. So, it’s a little tough, but I ran on the treadmill last night just to get used to it. So I think I did all right.
** What do you bring?
Just being able to make the right decision. I think everybody knows I can score and everybody knows I can play the game, so then I want everybody to see that I’m a leader and I can make the right decisions at the point guard position.
** Do you know Derrick Favors?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know D-Fav. He’s, you know, he’s from Atlanta; I’m from Atlanta. We’re actually under the same agent, went to schools pretty close, so, and we played for the same AAU team, so yeah.
Did you talk to him before the workout?
I actually talked to Kevin Murphy, who, you know, he was here. I know him as well. One of my cousins, Tre Bussey, he plays on the D-League team for here, so I talked to him right before. You know, talked to people like Dion Glover, who works me out back at home, just to, you know, get a feel.
What did they say?
They just talked about the altitude. They said that’s the biggest thing. You know, not looking like you’re tired out here, and just pushing through.
** Talk about chasing your dream.
It’s just a fun experience. It’s just a blessing, really, to even be out here, ’cause you don’t have to get invited. This is a business now, so for them to show interest in you, you know, it’s a blessing but you have to be ready to work and ready to show and prove.


** Eastern Washington – G – 6’4 – 181
** Third workout; has around 10 more
** Comment on the altitude
[I thought] the altitude would get to me, but you know, I’ve been conditioning a lot. But you know, every workout’s tough. You know, you just gotta make sure you’re in the best shape when you come to these workouts, and just give it your all.
** What position would you play in the NBA?
Definitely a combo guard. You know, a “one” when necessary and a “two” when necessary. I feel like I can play both positions well, so.
** On his high school growth spurt
Coming into high school, I was 5-4. So I mean, the chance of playing basketball at 5-4, 130 pounds, is not too high. But fortunately by the grace of God I grew 10 inches in high school and was able to hit 6-4 in college. So you know, hopefully I can still grow a couple more inches.


** Davidson – G – 6’4 – 180
** Compares his game to/patterns game after Matthew Dellavedova
** Do you see yourself as a combo guard in the NBA?
Yeah, yeah. I think, you know, I’m a guard that can run the offense, knock down threes when I need to. You know, I don’t see myself as a big-time slasher, but you know, I can do that. But yeah, as a combo guard, handle the ball, shoot it when I need to, and knock down the open shot.
** Talk about chasing your dream.
Yeah, it’s awesome. You know, coming into college, I didn’t think I would really have a shot at that. Going throughout college, getting an opportunity to come to these workouts to showcase what I can do at the next level, you know, it’s a dream that I’ve always had, and it’s awesome to live that dream and hopefully I get a chan–a shot at the next level.


** On Dallin Bachynski’s workout
He looked good. He looked really good, to tell you the truth. He shot the ball well. Kinda surprised us. He’s got a good shot from 15, 18 feet, which we didn’t get a chance to see much at Utah. So, that surprised me for sure.
Do you see any Dirk Nowitzki in him?
[silence] Uh, no.
** On Tyler Harvey’s workout
He does a good job of getting it off fairly quickly. I think he’s still gonna probably have to work a little bit more on his form. But he shot it well. He shot better than anybody so far this year in our [shooting drill], so he did a good job…Like most guys coming into the NBA, there’s very few who are ready to play NBA basketball defensively, and he’s got some things he’s gotta work on.
** On Hugh Greenwood’s workout
Hugh had a pretty good day today. Very smart player. Good basketball IQ for a point guard. He was helping the other players in our workouts, so it was good to bring him in.

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