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Randy Rigby and Dennis Lindsey: Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines

May 24, 2015
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randy rigby

On the draft lottery
I had the opportunity of actually being in the back room with the ping pong balls, and I’ll just tell you. We didn’t have any ping pong balls even get close to sniffing our number.


On draft trades
I don’t know if that’s necessarily moving up, staying where we’re at, moving back, moving out. We’re, we had tha–have a bunch of conversations. And sometimes, as you guys know, you wanna do something, but you just don’t have a willing partner.

So we, but, normally, there, we’re dealing with a tighter set of prospects. This year, I think it’s a, in my opinion at least, it’s a wider set. And I think because of that, potentially, you know, there’s a much wider set of alternatives. And that’s good news, by and large, but as you guys know, it can make you a little nervous as well.

Is there an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a potential move now, or does that stuff come right at the end?

Yeah, so, we were talking about this at dinner last night. I think there are some things that come up right now, and every so often, it’s not, it’s more unusual than usual that you find something very early in the process [that makes] you say, “Hey, I’m willing to do that” with another team. That does come up.

Usually, it’s more, it happens more where people are on the clock, and then they show you, and you show them, vice versa, your best hand, and what are you really willing to do…

And so, you know, it’s, there are a lot of things that come up last second, but that’s even more reason why you have to be, in my opinion, overly prepared. ‘Cause you’ll have to give quick answers. And you know, many times you’ll have worked on something for weeks, and then something comes up in the last five minutes. (1280)

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