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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 5/19

May 21, 2015
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On the drafting process
It is a big production…There’s all kinds of international activity. And frankly, it’s just harder with international guys. We’re not as familiar. The video is much better than it was 15 years ago, but sometimes that’s a challenge. To get intel on them and their family is a real chore. Medical, again, sometimes the medical around the international player.

And then you add that to the domestic players as well, and early entries where we basically gotta go start the process assuming everybody’s in. You don’t wanna assume someone’s out, and then all of a sudden you haven’t done your work. So, you have to start with a very wide process.

Have you never not drafted a player due to a bad interview?
Certainly, there are those interviews that corroborate the intel and consistent pattern of behavior that you have. And so, most of the time the intel’s fine but there are times that an intel and an interview, they kind of, corroborates — your information will eliminate a player, and you know, we’ll, those sometimes are tough because they can be good players.

And, but there’s certain things that you wanna stand for, and so what we found out is, while all past behavior doesn’t necessarily predict the future, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

Complete this sentence: This Utah Jazz team must get better at…?
Boy, there’s so many…They have to get better at ball security. They ha–this Utah Jazz team has to grow beyond its years of experience. So we have to accelerate that process. This Utah Jazz team has to shoot the ball more consistently, out of more spots. This Utah Jazz team has to continue to be very unselfish and not worry about where the credit’s going. So, there, I could go on and on.

How difficult was it to get a summer league back in Utah?
When I first took the job, Randy [Rigby] and I had this conversation, and really it was a plea to Randy towards me, and, that, hey, we might not be able to get the Utah Jazz summer league back, but we’ve got to do, give our best effort.

And so, we strategized, and look, we had to talk to the league and we had to make sure that they understood that we wanted to partner with the Vegas Summer League, not compete with the Vegas Summer League. And so, we had to jump through a few hoops. (1280)

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