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Live from New York, it’s the 2015 NBA draft lottery

May 20, 2015
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jazz lose drawing

The odds:

the odds

Dennis Lindsey on Randy Rigby’s infamous draft lottery moment two years ago: Randy has suffered — we’ve given him the business…We’ve gotten a big kick out of that one. I’ll try to be a little more poised.

Randy Rigby on the draft lottery: I’ve been very happy with the trend that we’ve been making, though, as an organization, to hopefully see that this old trend that we’ve been doing can stop and we can continue on the trend that we’ve been really building towards this last season, and that is, is getting out of the lottery, and working, and be towards, be the playoff team and really a winning team in this league, and for hopefully some, many years to come.

Rigby’s good luck charms: I brought my lucky shirt and my lucky se–pair of Jazz socks, that are gonna bring us some luck, but I’m counting on Dennis.

Lindsey introduced:

The announcement:
12th pick

Lindsey, reacting with poise:

Lindsey and Rigby speaking with Jazz media after the lottery:

duck face

Reassurance from Rudy Gobert:
rudy tweet

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