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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 5/13

May 14, 2015
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randy rigby

Randy Rigby on calling into the show
Sorry, I had an appointment this afternoon, and, so, I’m literally in the car, heading back down, up in Park City. So, I had to come down in the car.

On the Chicago draft combine (UDQM material)
Well, as we know, it’s, Dennis [Lindsey], and we have a number of people in Chicago this week. And it’s a pretty exciting week for our guys. We’ll literally go back there and, the, we’ve had a lot of preparation, as we go back there. We’ll take back our team psycho–psychiatrist and sport psychologist. We’ll take our s–our team doctors back there.

Our head coach; Dennis; Quin [Snyder]*; Walt Perrin is back there. Jerry Sloan’s also goes back. And we’ll have an opportunity for this pre-draft camp to really not only watch the workouts that these players are going through, but then you have an opportunity to have one-on-one interviews, do physical examinations.

It’s really a key time to look at some of the top prospects and really measure them and get a good eye on them from all different an–vantage points, to really see how we feel, for us, they would maybe measure up and how we would place them in our pecking order, as we come — as we prepare for the draft.

* The aforementioned “head coach”

On the relationship between strong family background and discipline
Another thing, before I get cut off, that I want to mention, that, it may seem very fundamental, but really in the ye–a lot of the interviewing as well, and from a, our team psychologist, an issue we look at is also their family background, and their family history, and their dynamics that they have, and we ask them to talk about that.

And the, and he’ll ask them to talk about family and their philosophy and their background with their family. That really comes, shows through with the, with their teaching, with their stability, with their discipline.

Those things become very important, and something that is very high in our analysis with these players, and, because you see the results, and that th–a player can have.

If he comes in and does not have the discipline; if he doesn’t have, really, strong parental example in their life, they can really, the money can get to them. Their life can get pretty crazy, because of the high profiles they’re at, and it can really have a corrosive effect, not only on them, but also the team.

If the draft prospect you want told you he didn’t want to go to Salt Lake, would you take him anyway?
I think that has a big impact for us, whether we take him anyway. And we’d measure that in, very seriously, because we want someone to be, and want to come and play for the Utah Jazz. If they don’t wanna be there, you’re gonna have a real impact on, it’ll have a real impact on their mind, and their performance.

So, it would definitely, that’s one that, as we’re looking at, if that was a key impact, and we had that knowledge, my encouragement would be that we look at someone who wants to be on our team.

We have so much to offer right now, with this team, with this community. We want players to be able to come and say, “This is where I wanna come and be a, make a difference,” for them. I’ll tell you, we have, if you look at it, we have, fo–and I tell this to our players all the time.

Look at this community that, and gets behind this team. We have some of the greatest fans, and we have* one of the loudest and best crowds, and best teams, that has, from a noise standpoun–part, and support, and you know what, players oughta recognize that and appreciate that, and if they don’t, I’d just as soon have players that do.

* Used to have, Randy. Used to have.

If it were up to Randy Rigby, would you go for a shooter or a big man or a wing or a point guard or a…?
Well, you know, one of the things on my mind is, I’m one that is right now, also, wanting to see some continued toughness on our team. Defensive, continue to see more defensive toughness on our team. I’m one that w–feels that we need a little more scoring, a little more outside sc–shooting capabilities on our team.

You know, you talked about sometimes, and we, you know, this isn’t any surprise. We talked about the role of our point guard situation and they’re both still young. And so, the–you’re not gonna get with another young point guard, that veteran leadership that kinda comes from the point guard position.

And so, that’s something that I think really has to be earned and developed in the NBA, in the heat of battles, is that leadership coming from the point guard position. So you know, I, Randy Rigby’s thinking, little more toughness, little more outside sc–shooting ability.

Spencer Checketts: Randy, you just went third person on us. Nice work.

Rigby: That’s scary. That’s the Malone influence on me…I better get to, on my knees and repent then. (1280)

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  1. May 15, 2015 3:36 pm

    “Team Psycho … Getting a good eye from different advantage points … Where we would put them in our pecking order as we come … A noise standpart … You talked about sometimes and this isn’t any surprise.”

    I love Randy Rigby shows. Never change!


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