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Weekend Odds and Ends

May 11, 2015

One. Walt Perrin on whether he had any idea what he was about to see when he brought Rudy Gobert in for a draft workout
[Having seen him play in France,] we knew he had an opportunity to be good, but what solidified our thought process on Rudy was when he came in here, and did a workout. He had a really good workout with us. Really outstanding workout, tell you the truth.

And it kind of opened our eyes at that point that this kid could be a legitimate guy that we might want to look at, might want to try to draft, might want to bring in and see how much he grows, how much better of a player he could be. Now, did we think he would be as good of a player as he is right now? I don’t know that for sure. I don’t think so.

I think his growth — and it’s because of Rudy and because of our coaching staff — I think his growth was accelerated in this past year. But we still think he still has a lot more growth left in him.
Two. People calling Jack Cooley “Joe Cooley”: Walt Perrin

Three. Dennis Lindsey, asked what kind of hairdo he had in high school
Oh, it was bad. You know, the mid- to late-80s, early 90s, many times was an ugly era. So, I got accused of originating the mullet in Texas.

Four. Lindsey on the Jazz’s draft workouts
We like workouts early and often…The springtime and early summer in Salt Lake, it’s God’s country. So, it helps us tell our story about what a unique place this is.

Five. Lindsey on what happens when he likes a player but doesn’t have a draft pick, UDQM
There’s messaging to players. There’s messaging to players that may have to come through the proverbial back door, if you will, to get their NBA career started. (1280)

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