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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 5/7

May 9, 2015
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** According to Spencer Checketts, Randy Rigby was looking “very handsome” in a Brooks Brothers tie and East Coast shirt during this interview. Don’t know if he was wearing any pants.

What are you looking for in pre-draft workouts?
Well, as we know, you know, we’ve got draft picks that we’re looking at. We, with our acquisition of the D-League*, and with our involvement now with the Idaho Stampede, this is an opportunity for us to be looking at a l–players in a lot of different venues, and you know, from a D-League perspective as well as for a, so, as well as for NBA-quality players. So, we’re planning on looking at a lotta players this year.

* D-League team

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine Q&A on free agency: How do you try to talk a guy into coming?
Well, Dennis [Lindsey] and Justin Zanik, Dave Fredman, are out talking at all the time, and looking at, and when we’re receiving phone calls on a regular basis. And conversations are going on at all times and all places.

And you know, as they’re traveling, and places, that’s when those conversations are taking place. We’ll, you know, as we’re going to the draft lottery, you’ll, the, any place that there’s basketball happening or basketball events or decision-making happening, those agents are around there, ’cause they’re wanting to be in those mixes of, and in those conversations.

And so, you know, tho–they’re happening everywhere, at all times, and in all different ways. And that’s why those men are spending a remarkable amount of time on the phone, and on the road, in dealing with, and looking at those very issues, so, ’cause you never know when, you know, those opportunities are starting to be formulated and come together.

Did the way the Jazz finished the season change your off-season outlook?
Yes, i–I really feel that it helped to formulate for us, a lot clearer, of the direction that we feel and the opportunities that we have in front of us, of where we’re going. And I think, so we’ll continue to go on a path that we’ve been looking at, and we’ll be very, again, like I said, methodical, and very thorough.

As we’ve said constantly here, and in other places, is that we’re committed — we’re not gonna ste–miss steps, and we’re ga–we’re gonna take a very calculated and well-defined approach on what we’re doing. We want to build a team, that is a team that is not just a flash in the pan, but a team that really can be a competitive team, for multiple years. And really that can build a core, that is something that this community can get behind for many years.

And so, that’s why we want it — we’ve endured the pain. Let’s make sure we’re taking the proper steps. And I think what we learned this last year, it’s particularly at the end of the year, gave us some real comfort and r–confidence, that we’re really taking, we’re doing the right th–we’re taking the right steps.

miss steps

What is your hope for Dante Exum?
My hope for Dante Exum is, is he comes in stronger, that he comes in with a more explosive and confidence going to the basket, and a more confidence in his offensive game. I was very impressed with the development that we saw from Dante in, on his defensive skills.

But I think as he continues to work out his body, and his body continues to mature, that we’re gonna see a player that, when you then take the talent that Dante has, and then strengthen that body, and work on skills that are going to help him in his moves, I think we’re gonna see a player that can even take another significant step up in his game…

There’s remarkable money out here for a player to be successful. There’s remarkable opportunities what it can mean for us as a team if they will make those commitments, and we have a player there that has a very good heart, very good family support system and a great support system from an organization. Those formulas, t–all together, should prove up to be very promising for us.

** Randy Rigby, WeirdDQM: I’ll tell ya, a lot of people that I know, literally, they’re coming and they’re bringing their kids, ’cause they want to have an experience with the Bear.

Have you ever thought about, and are there regulations concerning, the treatment of the floor? Do you like the more conservative hardwood look?
I’ve looked at a lot…[Oregon’s pine tree design] drives me crazy. And I’ll be honest with you, and we, even some of our uniform designs, we’ve kinda, the NBA was in a motif of kinda these, try, different logos and different feels.

We found that there’s something magical about the traditional rich heritage of a logo, and we’re bringing back that rich — people love that Jazz logo, the note. And the Ja–that simple look.

We found, and we like, over at the, our basketball center as well…we just recently redid all the floors, and have a nice, clean look on our floor with the note. And you know, to us, that is, it’s more symbolic of a rich heritage look than a — the floor has to drive you there instead of really the classiness of a team, and the proud historic factor of a team. I think we lean towards that rich heritage and a clean, classy look, than kind of the, kind of, maybe, modern, contemporary feel and look.

* It may be magical, rich, nice, clean, have a rich heritage and a proud historic factor, but the note has not been the Jazz’s primary logo since the mid-1990s. The mountain logo is the primary logo, because the NBA charges teams a fee to change their primary logo.

** In case anyone is curious, Rigby’s son, Nathan, feels like there’s never enough cheese on his nachos while Rigby’s wife feels like there’s never enough salt on her popcorn. This may or may not be UDQM, I don’t know.

** Spencer Checketts, UDQM: Randy, thank you. I apologize that things got loose, but thanks for being a good sport. (1280)

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  1. May 11, 2015 12:56 am

    Does anyone ramble more than Randy Rigby, he never gives a complete thought or answer.

  2. brian permalink
    May 14, 2015 3:41 am

    i agree that there is never enough cheese on the nachos.


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