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Game 81 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Dallas Mavericks (38-43)

April 14, 2015


Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on Gary Briggs’ retirement
You know, obviously for me to have a chance in my first year as a head coach in the league to have a s–a trainer that has such extensive experience and has worked with so many coaches, has been terrific for me just as a resource, and someone to really support me. So on a personal level, you know, I’m gonna miss him. I know the organization…will certainly miss him as well. I also know that at some point, you know, it’s time, and that’s what he’s told me, just that there’s a level — he’s given so much to the game, and now it’s time for him to give a little more to himself, see his family, take a deep breath, and travel less. And, but he’ll always be a part of what we’re doing, and for me personally, in my first year, it’s, I’m just really grateful that he was here.
** Snyder, asked what’s his pick for play of the year
[Trevor] Book[er]’s shot? I forgot about Book’s volleyball shot…That’s a tough one to beat. I don’t know that you see that one in a decade. So, if you made me choose — otherwise I’d say something that no one would agree with, ’cause it would have, it’d be like from practice or something…something, you know, that only a coach would like. So, I don’t have that one for you. There’s too many of ’em…I didn’t know Book was a setter until that moment. So. Karch Kiraly.

naked steve brown

** Rodney Hood on Gary Briggs’ retirement
Man, it’s emotional. You know, that’s a guy who I’ve grown close to. You know, obviously, probably didn’t want to ’cause of injuries, but at the same time, you know, he’s a great friend of mine. You know, a guy I spent a lot of time with, talking about stuff other than basketball. And what he’s meant to the Utah Jazz, you know, organization, you know, it’s huge. You know, and, you know, and in future years, I’m gonna miss him on the sidelines.

briggs jersey

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, asked if he drew up the Rodney Hood – Bryce Cotton alley-oop
Yes. Yes. It was something that we actually asked him this morning, and, ’cause Justin [Zanik] was telling me they throw lobs for him in Austin. I said, “Well, I lived in Austin once.” So, we, I asked him, and he had a little wrinkle of the play, and we tried to put it in something we do, and Rodney threw — I’m not sure if Rodney threw a good pass or a bad pass, or that Bryce just jumps that high. So, it was fun to see.
** Snyder, asked how proud is he of the team
I’m proud of ’em. There’s, unequivocally, I don’t know how to express that any other way than just to state it that simply. And I’m proud of the fact that they’ve committed to each day. And the days aren’t always easy. You know, whether it be practice or games, they, but they’ve just toed the line constantly, and that’s a group, whether everybody’s back next year, some of the g–ho–whatever, you know, happens going forward, it’s a season, I think, that us as a team can look at and hopefully a lot of our players individually can use it as a starting point or a, you know, a springboard or whatever the case may be, that hopefully everybody’s gotten a little better through the process and we’ve gotten better as a group as well.

rudy-amareSometimes, all you can do is laugh.

** Rudy Gobert, asked what he’ll remember most about this season
I would say the growth. You know, we got better and we all understood how important it is to play defense. I think that’s the main thing. Now everybody knows what important it is, and we know that next season, we gonna be — we still got one more game, but we know that [next] season, when we come to training camp we already know the mindset we need to have.
** Gobert, asked what was it about the coaching staff that was able to get so much out of this team
I think they work hard, you know? They don’t have a lot of rest. Coach Snyder and everybody’s focused. You know, everybody’s really focused on his job, and everybody wants to win. And when you got this will to win, everybody gets better and we get the results. You know, and they came a little bit late this year, but next year we gonna have the same group, almost the same group, and we gonna start on good base.
** Rodney Hood on his alley-oop pass to Bryce Cotton
It was a play out of a timeout. Coach wanted me to get the ball and Bryce to come off a back screen. He didn’t really say throw the lob, and, but you know, [Cotton] was open. He got a good head start, and I wanted to make him go get it ’cause I know Bryce can jump. So he went up and got it, and it was an amazing play…I was glad he caught it, ’cause I would’ve came out the game if he didn’t.
** Rodney Hood, asked “How good can Rodney Hood be?”
I think I can be a really good player in this league, you know, especially with the tutelage of our coaches, general managers, people just helping me on my game. And you know, I think the sky’s the limit, but I just gotta continue to listen and stay humble, and you know, continue to listen to my teammates and try to get better.

** Joe Ingles on Bryce Cotton’s performance
We’ve seen some w–pretty, actually, seen better [dunks] than that in practice. But, I actually missed the first one ’cause I was talking to Jeremy [Evans]. But I’ll have to check it on video. But, no, I mean, he played great…He had an opportunity tonight, obviously with Trey [Burke] out and Dante [Exum] getting two stitches for the smallest cut I’ve ever seen in my life. But yeah, he got some extended minutes, and like I said, took advantage of it.
** Trevor Booker, asked what was it about the coaching staff that was able to get so much out of this team
You know, I don’t know. They just, we knew they worked hard. They put in a tremendous amount of effort, watching film on the planes, coming back late, watching film. I mean it’s just a mutual respect, you know, on both sides, and you know, we, both sides, they trust each other, and that’s the biggest thing.
** Booker on Bryce Cotton’s dunk
Oh my. It was sick. I mean, he’s, like, 5-2…It was crazy…It was pretty nasty.

notting hill

** Bryce Cotton, asked “Who is Bryce Cotton?”
I’m just a kid that just keeps trying to prove himself over and over, and I’m just definitely very blessed.
** Bryce Cotton on his alley-oop
Me and coach had talked about it earlier in the day after walk-through, ’cause I used to catch lobs in the D-League, and we ended up right in that play, basically, tonight, and it worked.
** Chris Johnson on what he tried to do tonight
Just being aggressive. You know, doing, giving what the defense taking me. Plus I’m trying to be a leader on the court. You know, a couple of the key guys are out, so just trying to make up for that, you know, that category. You know, play hard. Play defense. You know, trying to be vocal to the guys and just set a tone.
** Johnson, asked why he looks so comfortable in the system
I just know my role, you know? I know my spots and my positions. You know, I know how coach want to use me, so you know, just trying to get comfortable with the guys. You know, be consistent at what I do, and enjoy it.

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Al-Farouq Aminu “Amino” for the nth straight year: Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring
** According to Steve Brown, he asked Gary Briggs what was his favorite Jazz memory and Briggs’ answer was an off-day in New York when he and John Stockton went to the Statue of Liberty to look for their heritage.
** Jerry Sloan, applauding Subway Sub of the Game Gary Briggs:

jerry 413

** Finally, Matt Harpring tries Vegemite:



Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring on tip-off: Stoudemire kind of looked at Rudy and was like, “Really? You’re this long?”
Craig Bolerjack: Hahahaha. (H/T @RxMike12)
** Harpring on replay of Rudy Gobert’s missed dunk: Watch him cock it back a little bit more than he usually does. He cocks it right behind, and then he goes, “Oop,” and it didn’t go in.
** Harpring on Vegemite: I don’t think you’re supposed to take it straight. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Harpring to Boler: Who wants a bun? What are you talking about? (H/T @RxMike12)
** Media to Rodney Hood on his pass to Bryce Cotton: Did you put it where you wanted it? Was it right on target?

Red denotes most recent game.

game 81

Thanks to @AllThatAmar and @Mark_R_Pereira for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    April 15, 2015 2:05 am

    we need to keep Jingles around to keep Dante humble …. and maybe others as we go along :)


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