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Game 80 of 82: Utah Jazz at Portland Trail Blazers (37-43)

April 12, 2015


Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game and Trevor Booker’s performance
You know, any time you see guys that get an opportunity like that, and you feel their excitement, and, it’s great. You know, Trevor Booker was amazing. And he really got — he scored a lot, but he got it within the flow of the game. He was never, he was patient. And Bryce [Cotton] and Eli[jah Millsap] and Chris [Johnson] and Jack [Cooley] came in and gave us some good minutes. And it’s just, it’s always — Jeremy [Evans] was terrific as well. And so, it’s fun to see those guys do that. … We may have gone for it tonight harder than we’ve gone for it in a while.
** Snyder on Rodney Hood
I mean, he anchors you. When he’s in the game, it allows you to kind of have some different lineups, ’cause he gives you some scoring and he can create a shot, which, you know, when the clock runs down, to have a guy that can get a good shot or get to the line — I thought late in the game, his ability to get to the foul line was really big.


** Trevor Booker on his performance
It was just one of those games where, you know, I got going early. I hit my first shot, then my second shot, and that’s where it all started…My teammates did a good job of penetration and kicking out to me, and I got a couple of drives, got a couple of shots, and we got the job done.
** Jeremy Evans on staying a professional but still enjoying playing time when he gets it
It’s always fun, just to go out and help my teammates any way I can…Them watching me, showing that, some of the other guys, they also, you know, don’t play as much, but it’s, goes to show that, just pay attention, you know, time’s gonna come that, you know, you’re gonna be put in this position to go out and play. And that’s what you gotta do. That’s, this is your job.
** Evans, asked “What’s it like to be able to look into the rim?”
It’s great. You know, I still sh–I feel like a couple things that I could’ve done better is a couple dunks. They were like, “Man, you used to make those.” I’m like, “Yeah, must be getting old, so.”
** Rodney Hood on Trevor Booker’s big game
I’ve been working with him, you know, after practice, getting shots up. (laughs)
** Hood on playing with contact
You know, I always like contact. You know, I had to adjust, you know, ’cause at the beginning of the season I was going, getting a lotta charges, running over people. Now, I’m being more patient, and you know, being smarter about using contact and not getting fouls. So, I just gotta continue to be aggressive and you know, use my length.
** Hood on Bryce Cotton’s performance
It was a period of time when Bryce got in, he just took over the game. You know, and he was electrifying on both ends, and you know, we needed that tonight.

In the house:

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Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring’s Keys to the Game:

matt's dirty keys

** Craig Bolerjack: Chris Johnson indeed in the locker room right now, getting stretched out by, uh, the Jazz massage therapist, Doug Birrell. So, he’s working on him in the back room. Hey, nothing better than Doug. (H/T @5kl)

Red denotes most recent game.

game 80

Thanks to @j32jam for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

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