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Bits from Practice, 4/7

April 8, 2015
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** Quin Snyder on resting Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward in the second half of the Sacramento game
We’ve been adamant about using, you know, even though we’re not in the playoff hunt, using these games to get better, and part of that is developing a bench. So in some games, particularly a back-to-back, I went in the game conscious of fatigue…And in this case, you know, our bench did a really good job giving us a lift, and I just made a decision that at that point, we would stick with them and see where it took us. And obviously, got great contributions from everybody across the bench.
** Snyder, asked if he feels a part of Duke’s championship run
Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, people — absolutely. I mean, that’s part of, you know, the beauty of collegiate basketball is, you know, it’s been a long time but you feel, and I know the guys that played there when I did — Tony Lang right after me, you know, you help, you know, you feel like you helped lay the bricks, that foundation. And every year, you know, new guys come and add more to that and further define it and enhance it. And you know, I was never fortunate enough to win a national championship, but every time we’ve won, I’ve felt, you know, a small part of it…It’s family to me. The players that went through there, it’s not a stretch to say that those guy–there’s a brotherhood that exists.
** Snyder on his teaching points in the final five games
A couple of the things that we’ve talked about specifically are just our efficiency passing the ball, which I think is determinative of shooting percentage, obviously turnovers, just connectivity as far as how the ball is able to move offensively. You know, we like to play with the pass, and if the passes are accurate and timely, you know, we’re better. And the other thing is just defensive rebounding — our guards. I wanna see our guards — we’ve really picked up our intensity on the perimeter, pressure, you know, our disruption. We call it, you know, disciplined disruption. But we gotta close possessions, and a lotta that, especially when Rudy [Gobert]’s blocking shots and [Derrick] Fav[ors]’s coming over exactly as [Trevor] Book[er] is, it means our perimeter guys gotta get down there and mix it up, get a little dirty on the glass. So, those are a few things that we’ve talked about, trying to get, you know, just to continue to build, even if it’s five games, 10 games, one game.

** Gordon Hayward, asked if the team relishes being a thorn in the side of playoff teams in its final five games
For us, I think we just wanna go in and make sure that we play our best basketball. And if, you know, if we’re a thorn, we’re a thorn, whatever…We just wanna make sure we play our basketball and you know, try to get better.
** Hayward, asked how ecstatic Rodney Hood was at practice today
Him and coach Tony, I mean, they were pretty happy, I would say. All, everyone else was not, even if they didn’t go to Wisconsin. Like, everyone was a Wisconsin fan, so. It’s tough to see. Really tough to see.

hayward tweet

** Hayward on his tweet
Yeah, that definitely brings up bad memories, especially, you know, it, seeing it in Indianapolis and seeing Duke win and the reactions and everything. I mean, you, definitely brings back pretty bad memories, so.

** Rodney Hood on how he never seems rusty when he returns from injury
Yeah, I mean, I think mentally I just stay in tune where I need to be doing. And so, the physical s–part will just come along as I get back and get some reps. But I think mentally, I’m there, you know, every single day regardless if I’m not playing or not.
** Hood, asked how much trash he talked about Duke’s win
Nah, I didn’t say anything. I knew that people were gonna be a little salty about it, so I just walked in with my Duke shirt today, so. A lot of people were a little mad, but you know…just all in fun.

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