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Bits from Quin Snyder Interview, 4/2

April 4, 2015
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On his home energy commercial
I’ve never been much of an actor. I was still getting comfortable doing that, but the people that shot it really made me feel good. It was, I haven’t seen it, ’cause it’s usually on during our games. I’ve caught, like, part of it, but it seems like it’s pretty fun.

On Dante Exum’s performance against the Nuggets
Well, I’ve been, you know, in the last month, I’ve been pretty hard on Dante, just about him making sure that he comes with kind of an edge, and a, comes ready to compete in a way that’s visible, almost.

And I think he’s a better player when he does that, and I try to keep in mind the fact that this is probably not a mindset that he’s had to adopt too frequently in the course of his playing career.

And as a result, it’s, you know, that mental preparation for him is probably as much of a, part of the growth process as his jump shot or anything. And he’s been close to having some nights like that, where he’s, he, the first thing was for him to really start attacking consistently.

I think, you know, that was a window there that he started to do that, and then even when he was doing it, he wasn’t completing plays. He was making some mistakes, and I think that has the effects of kind of discouraging, you know, you trying things like that.

And we saw the other night kind of a, you know, a convergence there of his not being afraid to fail, and completing some of those passes in game.

The game slowed down for him a little bit, where I think his decision-making — he’s been seeing those plays. He hasn’t always been making the right read, and last night, he made the right reads. So, it was good to see that happen for him and for our group.

You said people are captivated by Rudy Gobert. What do you mean by that, and why?
I think it’s, in some obvious ways, it’s easy to see, you know, his length. And I think it’s not just that he’s blocking shots and doing cer–you can tell that he likes to play. And even further beyond that, he likes to compete, which I think we all can appreciate when you see someone embraces, and, what they’re doing, and they do it with passion. I think we all like that, you know? We can identify with that, and it’s fun to watch, and to kind of, to go, to feel it.

I think by the same token, it’s, and I’ll generalize here. It’s not, you don’t, sometimes you don’t find guys that are that big, that are kind of your centers, that really love to play. And maybe that, maybe like I said, maybe this isn’t entirely true, but I think it’s, at least in my observation a little bit, that occasionally you’ll find young men that are tall and therefore can be successful playing basketball, and maybe kinda turn to it for that reason.

I think in Rudy’s case, he really loves to play…He’s, you know, he’s in the gym today shooting free throws. And there’s a reason that he’s improved his free throw percentage as much as he has. It’s, he’s worked at it. And I think that’s part of it.

I th–the other part of it, I guess, in that comment, and I’m gonna try to add on the back end of it, in that, the fact that we’re captivated by him, sometimes I think, I won’t say diminishes, but it hides what some of the other guys are also doing defensively, and I’ll reference Dante on the ball.

I think Trey [Burke], Trey’s activity, if you go back and look at film of Trey in November, he was really passive. You know, he wasn’t up near his man. He was saving himself, you know? He was a guy that played heavy minutes, and maybe didn’t wanna exert himself, or just wasn’t used to it.

You see Gordon [Hayward] off the ball, and Rodney Hood, and a lot of these guys that, Joe Ingles, and Eli[jah Millsap], and everybody that’s kinda filled in.

I think Rudy’s the most visible, you know, person that you go to and say, “Hey, this defense is taking shape.” But there’s other guys that are less captivating, so to speak, that are doing a lot too, and I guess I wanna keep acknowledging that because that, I believe it’s true.

And I think those are the things that are really, where you get slippage too. Where guys, you know, that one foot, that six inches, that two feet, that one step, that block out, those things really matter just as much as Rudy blocking a shot.

And saying that, we all know that Rudy is a really unique player, and I think it’s gonna be fun to watch his development over the course of the next few years, ’cause I think there’s gonna be things that we see him do that maybe we didn’t anticipate seeing him do today. (1280)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    April 4, 2015 8:54 pm

    one thing I love about Rudy is the way he heads right for that free throw line. He doesn’t get frustrated when he is fouled. He knows he won.

    Remember how Shaq didn’t want to go to the line? Our bigs relish it.

    Now if we get X driving as much as Burke and Burks. We will be rolling.


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