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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 4/3

April 4, 2015
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Are you just more and more pleased with Quin Snyder every day?
Yeah, so, Quin’s, look, he’s exceeded expectations, and not really, again, getti–staying away from wins and losses. We’re, as he’s mentioned several times, we’re evaluating this team this year on a little bit different terms.

But work ethic and ability to communicate and organize a group and lead a group, and he has our guys on the edge of their chair, in a good way. He, you know, he has ’em captivated, from a motivation standpoint. And so, he’s able to coach ’em hard.

He’s coaching ’em really hard and being really demanding, but as, what our research showed us, you know, when he was the head coach at past teams, that he’s able to coach ’em hard, but yet still have a very good relationship with every player. And so, I think he’s just, we’re f–really fortunate to get a really talented coach at a great time of his career, and I think he appreciates the culture —

Call cuts off; one minute later:

I was pontificating to myself. Yeah, that’s always great. I thought I was real cute and charming in what I was saying with Quin, and then I realized I was speaking to myself…

He’s just superior. He spent a lot of time at Duke and Missouri and certainly with Austin Toros putting down on paper development plans.

And so, something that Mike Budenholzer told me when we were going through our hiring process with him, he’s really good at development, and he doesn’t realize how, just how good he is because some of the things that he’s able to get across are so subtle, but yet very effective. And you know, I found that that statement in particular’s really ringing true.

Update on Alec Burks
Boy, he’s really worked hard. I, Alec is, he’s growing up, literally, by the day. When I got here two and a half years ago, Alec was shy and i–I had to pull things outta, out of him from a conversation standpoint.

Now, even last night at our Leapin’ Leaners gala, he, you know, he came over and engaged and started the conversation. And so, he’s just growing up, maturity-wise, off the court. And I think that always helps.

On the court, he’s been very diligent with his shoulder rehab. And then, like all players, w–there’s a bunch of correctives, physically and technically, with their game that we’d like to get to, that many times, just the gauntlet of the season, the number of games that we have, you just aren’t able to get to a lot of the correctives that we’ve done.

So, we’ve done work past his shoulder that I think will provide tangible benefits on the court. I think he’ll perform at a higher clip, and I think we’ve, in the last three or four months made him a safer athlete as well. So we’ve been able to tick off a couple goals in regards to Alec, and I’m just thrilled that he’s maturing the way he is.

How real is your defensive improvement?
I think fundamentally, we have some things that we can capitalize on. I think Dante [Exum], while, again, you know, his offensive contribution’s been meager. He’s trying to fit in moreso than force himself on the game. The one area that we had our greatest concern, to be frank, he’s just knocked out of the park.

He’s three or four levels better defensively, and it’s starting to show up on how the team’s functioning when he’s on the court. And for a 19-year-old point guard, some of his on-off numbers are, it’s hard to find a parallel.

So we, if we can capitalize on his size, his length, his mobility, his intelligence — I think he, along with Rudy [Gobert], have ha–they have unique tools. And then we’ve obviously seen Derrick [Favor] at times be a superior defender. And Derrick’s now a more consistent defender. Elijah Millsap, I think, has unique tools even though he’s a rotational player. Some of our early measures are showing that he’s unique.

So I think the raw material’s there. I think the work ethic is there. I think Quin’s been able to get the message across to the team, that this is who we can be on a consistence, basis. And you know, really, out of desperation, it’s who we have to be.

And sometimes with young teams, it’s hard to organize ’em defensively, but they’ve taken the message. They’ve connected. Really, one through 15 have done everything that we’ve asked them to do. And again, I’ve said this before, Quin’s not dumbing down our offensive and defensive schemes.

There’s some things that Quin was able to pick up in Europe that he’s applied on both ends of the court, so our verbals are many, and you have to recognize, many times, very quickly what coverage we’re in and why we’re in it. The “why” is very important to us. And so, they’re taking all that…

Hopefully, I think with some success post-All-Star break, that the guys will understand that this is very important to carry over into the off-season and the next year. So, a long-winded answer, that I’m confident we can replicate it. Now, can we replicate it to the level that we’ve done, where we led the league in defense? I don’t know. Time will tell.

What went through your mind when you heard about Enes Kanter’s comments?
I’ll stay away from it and not really have much of a comment, other [than] to say that we truly, you know, wish Enes the best in his career going forward. And we’ll just leave it at that. (1280)

Round of applause for Dennis Lindsey’s classy (and short) answer. This is all that needs to be said. This is all that ever needed to be said from the Jazz side.

You know what I love about this response? DL has conviction in what he’s doing and is secure about where the team is and is going. So what if there are outside comments questioning that? He doesn’t need to defend his position with snide little petty insults or name-calling, or worse, solicit insults or name-calling from others around him.

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  1. hhhhkau permalink
    April 4, 2015 6:39 pm

    Great responses on all fronts. Thanks for transcribing.

  2. Tyson permalink
    April 5, 2015 6:31 am

    I agree with the DL comments about Kanter. I am getting really tired of hearing Locke make comments daily about it. Be a professional and get over it.


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